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03-24-10, 06:41
23 years old.

Maybe 5'2, <100lbs.

1 child, stretch marks arent too terribly bad but there.

Somwhere from Argentina, not BA.


No anal.

Works next to hook somewhere, tejano knows the name.

300pesos, several hours, no rush whatsoever

03-24-10, 13:59
$ 300 pesos for " several " hours?

If this is the case, sounds like a good deal.



Wild Walleye
03-24-10, 14:07
Did you get one with a jacuzzi?

I am such a moron (and wasn't familiar with telo SOP) that when the guy delivered the drinks, I opened the door to the room. Off went the lights and power. Ooops. Fortunately, my companion was able to getting things straightened out (and the lights back on too)

03-24-10, 14:09
Ahh. Yea. Same problem. Took us like a full 5 mins to get the lights working again.

El Perro
03-24-10, 20:32
We were in Catto's right next to Hook.

Ran into our old friend Aqualung.

The girl is attractive, thin and very friendly.

There was a max exodus from Hook to Catto's last week for whatever reason so now Catto's seems to have a lot more girls.

The pole dancers are super hot and the show seems to last all night.

Damn drops make ALL the girls look great though!

The layout, light level and general feeling is a lot better at Catto's if you sit back and think about it when your there.

I think that the prices are:

Hook - $40.00 for your's and $50.00 for the Chica's drink.

Catto's - Maybe $40.00 for your's and I think it may be $70.00 for her's.

Can't remember and I'm there about 3 or 4 days a week!

Catto's brings out a girl with a decent voice to sing between dancers at times.

Guitarist too.

Have Fun and stop by my place if your in the hood and on your way to either Hook or Catto's.

I'll be glad to take you over there and introduce you to the managers and some of the tried and true Chicas.

TLTL-our drinks at Hook are 30p, unless they have gone up in the past two weeks or so since I was in there.

03-24-10, 20:48
TL-our drinks at Hook are 30p, unless they have gone up in the past two weeks or so since I was in there.Your right DB!

It's $30.00 pesos for our drinks at Hook.


03-24-10, 21:50
Your right DB!

It's $30.00 pesos for our drinks at Hook.

TL30.00 for Quilmes and 40.00 for Heineken

Wild Walleye
03-25-10, 01:53
Sitting area, fuck sofa, just abought everything you need except a closet and a kitchen, fridge.

If you have 40 square meters you can design your apartment like your own private telo and I know you will be super happy when your in BA.

It would be super easy to lease out too!

$60k max I think. Depending on where you build it out.Don't forget an extra gallon of 'gorila adhesivo' to affix everything (remote, phone, ashtray, etc.) to a flat surface (theft prevention and it adds to the ambiance).