View Full Version : Provida / Chica's Ratings

08-15-10, 10:34
I've been roaming around the theads and all I see is place, clubs, chica's with 6/10, 7/10 rarely 8/10 ratings.

I'm wondering where are the 9/10 and 10/10 smoking hot ones! I'm landing in BA in less than a week and want to be prepared to know where to party!

Miami Bob
08-15-10, 14:49
Many of the highest level girls are gone. By my standards I don't see the nines and tens as frequently as in the past andI don't pursue as I may have done in the past because those girls generally[this is a gross generalization] are not providing the highest level of service with some exceptions.

Self centered egotistically women are not the very best lovers. Not all spectacular women are self centered nor egotistical, but screening is needed.

Gato Hunter
08-15-10, 18:24
The 9's and up have been migrating to greener pastures for a few years now. Five years ago when I first came to BA I had some of the hottest girls in my life. Every trip after that the quality looks wise has gone down.

On the other hand my mongering skills have greatly improved and I have had better experiences with a 7 or an 8 that ends up in a sweaty pile exhausted from the sexo.

There are still some hot dancers at madahos, if you have a bankroll that can support weeding them out you may find a good lay out of three. Looks do not guarantee how good she is in the sack.

08-16-10, 10:41
I will be arriving in baires next Wednesday and remember a time when the worst you can find in Black was an 8. With many 9's and 10's walking about. I'm glad I came across this site as it seems Black and Madahos are nothing like they used to be. I have started making my own list of chicas to contact based on recommendations found in the forum, but if anyone has any hidden gems to share, by all means, it would be greatly appreciated!

09-01-10, 12:32
Looking around this site (and many others) I have found invaluable information. This is going to be my first trip to Argentina (BA) and will be spending 1 month in the Palermo Soho area. Not to say there isn't beautiful women in BA. But I have been pretty disappointed with what I have seen so far. Most of the pictures I have seen have not been higher than a 6 in my book (JMHO) Traveling frequently to Colombia (Medellin) and to Brazil (RIO) I guess I have been a bit spoiled. It also seem like almost 100% of the escort websites either do so much photoshop work or a bait and switch scenario, that it doesn't even seem worth it to call. Places like Black or Madahos seem like the place to find stunners. But seemes to want American prices and only have sub par performance in the sack. So in summery it seems like the "Hunt" is a little more intense to find the good looking talent and that does have its own appeal to it. I guess its a good thing I am interested in learning about the city and country and not just going there to monger. Just so you know Member "Redhot" posted a picture of a girl named Tatianna. This is exactly my type of girl. Probably everyones type of girl. Lol. But I was told she moved away and whos to say really how accurate those photos are. Search Continues!:)