View Full Version : Micol

Paul VJK
10-29-10, 20:20

Thought I'd give a positive recomendation.

She looks like the pictures. Not as exotic looking, but it's her. She's a slim beautiful girl.

Gets down to business quickly probably because she doesn't speak a word of English. Incredible BJ and very energetic in bed.

I paid $150 / HHR . But I think she asked for $100. Ranking: 9/10.

10-30-10, 00:10
Thanks for the post Paul. This is the second time I hear good things about this girl. I might have to try her out

Rockin Bob
10-30-10, 16:45
If you look on the Spanish language forum that rates Bairesgirls and Solo Indepenientes you will see that Micol gets very high marks for her oral skills, and she is known as La Boca de Dios.

I haven't tried her out, but she sure looks good.