View Full Version : Dona Kirshner and Iran-selling her soul, or what is left of it, for a few dollars!

Miami Bob
03-28-11, 02:33
Disgust makes me sick to read the attached article from 3/27/2011:

[url]http://www.ynetnews.com/ The link will not work here to the actual article Report: Argentina offered to 'forget' bombings for improved ties there are other follow-up stories Timmerman maynot be able to visit Israel where his father is a well known politician. Guess Timmerman is the President's bitich

The Argentine government wheels and deals with Iran. She offers to trade no prosecution of terrorist[s] for a preferred trade status.

03-28-11, 06:41
You notice she tends to side with all the other pariahs : Castro, Chavez, Gaddafi. . .

03-28-11, 14:18
Please, don't believe everyting you read on the newspapers. There is no real document text anywhere, just rumors from the Iranian intelligence agency.

Wild Walleye
03-28-11, 15:17
They could restart the nuclear technology transfer, the alleged suspension of which was ostensibly proffered as a potential reason that Iran might attack Argentina, as it related to the AMIA bombing of July 1994 (as opposed to the bombing of the Israeli Embassy, in Buenos Aires, two years earlier).

While that theory has been floated, along with tales of sneaking into the country via the nefarious tri-border region, I sort of doubt it. It appears that there was a loosely-coordinated campaign of contemporaneous bombings; specifically targeting Israeli Jews and foreign-based, Israeli assets; that included other locales (Bs As, Panama, and two separate attacks in London). Regardless of the motivation, there seems to be little doubt as to the origins of the attack and the nexus of known bad actors (Iran, Hezbollah, The Islamic Jihad Organization, etc) who have been involved in general and specific badness is many locales. I will temporarily spare you a history of badness in the Bekaa Valley, a long and winding tale of Iran, the Muslim Brotherhood and wholesale exportation of terror against Jews and the West, alike.

If Kirchner is considering or has approved such a deal, I suspect that it is a continuation of attitudes and policies that have plagued the government since the attacks. In order to grasp what I mean one needs to remember back to the time of the attacks and what specifically happened. While the attacks occurred on Argentine soil, they were specifically targeted toward the aforementioned Zionists, so much so that the AMIA car bomb (actually a 'van bomb' but car bomb sounds better) was a designed as a 'shaped charge' which means it was built to create an asymmetrical blast focusing most of its power in a specific direction (I. E. The direction of the AMIA). While this increases the likelihood of casualties within the building it also decreases the likelihood of unintended casualties (I. E. Non-Jew Argentinians and other 'innocent' bystanders) away from the foci of the blast. The bomb was meant to penetrate the concrete and brick exterior and distort and destroy the load-bearing walls causing catastrophic and progressive failures of the building, leading to a near-complete collapse. One can see the results of a similar bomb, made from the same ingredients, in the pictures of the Murrah building in Oklahoma, which was attacked in a very similar fashion some 9 months after the AMIA. Therefore, if one was so inclined or so motivated (I am not) , one could view the attacks as being upon Israelis and Jews, who happened to be in Argentina, as opposed to attacks on Argentina herself and or specific challenges to her sovereignty.

If that is a possible interpretation of the existing administration then it is also a possible insight into past administrations, most notably, those considered to have 'botched' the investigation. Since the attacks occurred in Argentina, it is protocol that Argentina be the lead in the investigation to be supported by IDF, Mossad and the FBI. While Argentina may have been the titular leader of the investigation, I find it hard to believe that Mossad and FBI did not conduct their own, independent assessments, while remaining in the background and leaving it in Argentina's court to pursue various legal or diplomatic outcomes. I would suspect that if forensic or investigative elements of the Argentine investigation were 'botched' they could have been quickly remedied via consultation with Mossad or FBI. I would further suspect that any 'botching' was more policy and / or agenda-oriented. Therefore, I would view 'botching' as behavior consistent with the above concept of redefining the attacks as ones against certain people and not Argentina.

This makes it easier to disassociate the horrific loss of life from government policies which may or may not reward the perpetrators of the attacks.