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03-04-14, 16:11
Hello everyone,

I don't know if I should post this somewhere else. My apologies if this shows up were it shouldn't.

After a quick search on the site, I did not come up with recommendations or updated information on where to go on weekends. Here's my report on what I found during my short stay in BUE from Feb. 21st to 23rd:

On Feb 21st, I arrived in BUE for a lunch scheduled for Saturday 22nd. After a not too interesting Friday afternoon experience with a couple of girls, I knew I needed my luck to change if I wanted this not to be a lost weekend.

Saturday morning: I called several supposedly available girls, some of them were user recommendations from one of the local forums. At 10:30 AM, I only had feedback from http://www.platynum.info/Modelos/Anahi.htm. In the Marcelo T. De Alvear 900's.

She said she was free at noon but I was not, so after knowing her address we agreed on a half hour service for $ 200.- After paying her I asked for BBBJ CIM to which she reacted almost enthusiastically with a "and you'll give me all your cum in the mouth" or just what I wanted to hear. She's the one in the the pictures, skinny fat, tall, with long thin legs, with a little pot belly very becoming on her body type. Her tits are her best feature: beautiful, just a handfull of young and turgid natural boob, with nice nipples to play with. She was very attentive and was open to let me play with her parts, but I did not finger her as I was there not to suck and fuck her. Attentive to my instructions on how and how much to use the hand for the BJ, she performed a decent job. Nothing to call home for, I had a good time with this friendly and attentive Paraguayan.

Sunday morning: Only http://www.tacosaltos.com/12454-mari...o-mujeres.html picked up the phone so we met around 10:30 AM at her place, at Paraguay 900's.

A black, early 30's not too tall girl, she wears contacts that give her an eerie look. God she has some curves on her! That ass, dem titties! She was very pleasant to deal with, although she refused my request for CIM. I asked if she would do BBBJ and she not only agreed, but also performed quite well. An hour $500.- pesos, cowgirl and reverse cowgirl were and a sight to see in awe. I had an unexpectedly good moment on an usually dull and disappointing day of the week for this sort of business.

I hope this message is helpful.


03-04-14, 20:52
Here you go.


03-08-14, 14:32
Here you go.

http://www.bairesgirls.net/sabados-trasnoches-feriados.htmHi Thomaso,

Thanks for the link. That's one of the many I used to investigate the girls in my account of my mongering during the weekend.

If you read there is an report on a girl from that website and another report on a woman from another website.

Having done my homework and tested them in real life, my intention was to ask for recommendations by offering first some of my own.

I hope many would add more information on this thread, since the lists available in the escort sites don't say much about the girl's performance or service.

Of course, I could have been misreading and yours is indeed a recommendation of all and every single girl shown in the link you cared to post here. In that case, I already tried one of the recommendations with a positive outcome, so thanks!