View Full Version : Topazio 15-6542-2109

Malbec Eze
04-09-14, 12:59
Anybody know this sweetie and where she works?


Can someone get the Apt Address for this babe:


And this one.


Any escort sites which indicate.

Which ladies speak ingles?


Miami Bob
04-10-14, 02:00
The forum has a search function. TL runs a tour guide service which is very reasonably priced for vetted prime ladies who are reviewed on here.

You can always go back to baries girls and click on the forro button and use google tranalation to get a general idea on pricing and service. Very few girls speak real english. Most pro's can get the basic job done. If you want english and you do not want to do your own research, hire a professional like TL or Gys to help you. It is all here and does not take that long to discover.

Then send Jacksona thank you PM for providing this place to make your travel experience better.