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08-19-14, 21:54
I can't believe they don't do this;.


08-20-14, 01:43
I can't believe they don't do this;.

http://www.clarin.com/policiales/Berni-pide-deportar-delincuentes-extranjeros_0_1196280831.htmlThe government cannot control, much less stop crime, so they try to blame it all on "foreign" elements. The ugly truth is the vast majority of the crime in Argentina is committed by home grown Argentines.


08-20-14, 07:41
There is no control and there are rarely any consequences. It starts with the parasites 16 and under are free to do what ever they want! The only exception is to deface Cristinas new trains where they went after the parents. But they can commit murder, rob, piss on you in the train or street. And nothing happens! A few years ago they finally put some little be*tch away because her 18th murder using a shotgun was done after she turned 17! It made big press at the time. They (the government) do not want to do anything about crime because criminals and their extended family's are a large block of voters. The pres does not want to piss off the voters! So of course they need a scape goat! Soon it will be most crime is committed by foreigners! Look at the economy. They are blaming the closing of factories now on the vultures. Protesters from Lear auto parts were carrying signs blaming their problems on the vulture funds. But as we all know, the biggest vultures in Argentina are Cristina and Nestor!