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    Local Handyman that you can trust 100% who I have known for 15 years !

    Local Handyman that you can trust 100% who I have known for 15 years !

    I have known Martin Mendez who is from Misiones from when he did a lot of different types of things at my restaurant like upholstery and carpentry and really everything in general.

    Painting, electrical installations and plumbing, etc, etc. Anyway, he is extremely humble, doesn't abuse alcohol and I trust him 100% and I can definitely VOUCH for his honesty and integrity and non-stop work ethics and abilities but the most important thing in this country is being able to TRUST anyone who is working or doing anything for you but especially a Handyman !

    The second that they notice that you are a Foreigner they assume that you are FUCKING FULL OF MONEY AND THAT's when you get IMMEDIATELY FUCKED without Getting KISSED !

    For the moment you BOY's may respond through me and I personally will introduce you and accompany Martin on any potential jobs or quotes and translate when necessary !

    And I am the poorest person in BA but Martin is beyond reasonable ! Maybe 20 bucks a day? Obviously that depends on the job but he definitely doesn't have an OFF SWITCH !

    My word is GOLDEN ! But you know that !

    Later Gator !

    Or GATOS ?

    Tejano Libre !

    * at this moment my cell phone is Kaput but you are more than welcome to call me at home and hopefully in a day or less my Cell FUCK will be working ! *

    Home Phone - 4 381 2145

    Whatsapp when functional - +54911 3799 5698
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