The Chica Bar Formerly Known As New Port is now Tiverton Cafe. Or maybe it's a completely new thing, but it is in the same location where New Port was.

And not much of a change in the general layout (but the furniture seems new).

I drove by Nov 19, 2022 at 1:00 a.m. And counted about 8 to 10 chicas, most of them in the tables on the sidewalk (the interior is open to see from outside as the window glass is clear and the place is well lit.

Quality? Awful on average, but with a median value of horrible (to each its own, everyone is entitle to his/her own opinion and on tastes there are no rules). I'm just shareing my view.

Also, to be considered, the place is sorrounded by other non-chicas venues with a lot of non-mongers walking around.

But a chica bar to reopen is always, always, good news.