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    Newport nice body weathered face 650 pesos no bus change walk home

    I was going to meet another friend from the forum at Newport last night, I was a little late, he already scored and left. The waiter told me I had to buy a beer 220 pesos or so. I did not want it but whatever I bought it. There were some very ugly overweight foreigners from other parts of Latin America no doubt who looked me over tried to talk to me leered at me every time I glanced their way ugh. I told a few who approached me no not interested. One had a spare tire clearly visible from her yoga pants ugh. On the other hand I saw several nice looking women I was interested in, I stared hard and mentally willed them to come my way but they did not. Then there was this one in white pants and long sleeve multicolored stretchy top with some funky 60's style glasses. She was standing next to one I was interested in who was ignoring me. She looked a little weird like a hippy. But she had a nice body I mentally willed her to come my way and she did. She sat down and we talked I told her to come closer I could see her hands were kind of weathered look to them and her face also lie the Marlboro man. Her gums were odd the color was off. But I saw some white pink muffin top sticking out. I massaged her upper legs, ass, and muffin top as we talked. The muffin top certainly looked young tight skin and she felt good almost skinny but not quite a little meat not a hard body. So I said how much. She said 200 usd. I said sorry h0ney only have 1000 pesos. She said ok lets go to my hotel. "My" hotel turned out to be Acapulco telo, so I had to pay 550 pesos. This left exactly 680 pesos in my pocket. She took 650 and went in the bathroom. I explored the room it is great shower with glass walls and nice big bed and condom sitting on the nightstand and advertisements for dildos and vibrating cock rings and lingerie etc. She was in the bathroom for a while probably shooting up??? Some drug must make her thin like that and age her face. But when the clothes came off she had on a sexy little camisole and thong nd huge tits. I later discovered they were fake when I was on top of her but they did not look that fake. Her body was great and other than not wanting her nipples touched too much and making annoying fake noises she was fun. Gave me a peck on the cheek when we left.

    I asked a cabbie how much to Once Plaza he said 80 pesos I was like fuck which direction he said straight down Puyerridon for 20 blocks! And so I walked home.

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    Pretty grim

    Went by Newport this evening, and there were quite a few (25-30) women working, and many older clients, but the quality of the talent was grim.

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    Stopped in briefly before checking out the more expensive competitor down the street. Draft beer 220 pesos. About 20-25 girls average age 35-45+ with notable high mileage specimens all around. Probably a few doables but overall depressing especially compared to the talent on hand down the street.

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    The following is a list of the women I found attractive enough to take out of Newport during the seven years I lived in Buenos Aires:

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    Don' think so

    Quote Originally Posted by Doppelganger  [View Original Post]
    One of my friends from Delirio told me they had shut down New Port again, any truth to it.
    I cannot speak for last night but I was there the night before (Monday), and it was business as usual. Arrived about 01.45 am, place was fairly quiet and within 20 minutes most of the remaining chica's were leaving, apparently going to D'Lirio, or so I was told by one of the girls.

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    Closed Again?

    One of my friends from Delirio told me they had shut down New Port again, any truth to it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RockHarders  [View Original Post]
    You should be ashamed of yourself for shortchanging the girl after agreeing to spend three hours with her and pay her 3000 pesos, especially after she gave what you described as a good performance including BBFS. Shady dishonest guys like you are the reason girls insist on being paid the entire amount upfront.
    These are the people that make us all look bad.

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    It would seem to me that if you make a contract with anyone for anything for a set price and you terminate the contract early , (assuming they keep up their end of the deal, which seems t be the case here) then you owe them the money. It has also been said many times that the first time with a chica should always be a short one just to avoid this type of scenario. Also in my humble opinion, $3000 pesos???? Maybe for the night, not for a few hours. It seems the "tourists" continue to screw things up for every one else.

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    Not Smart

    Quote Originally Posted by PickCherry12  [View Original Post]
    I think it's a bad idea to go to war with chicas in a foreign country (let alone at home) because you never know if they are going to call their brothers, pimps or cops on you.
    Shamester is not very smart. He thinks with his wallet, not his head.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Shamester  [View Original Post]
    Started at 2134 Vicente Lopez. No cover before 1200pm. There were chicas around. Bought one drink at 170 pesos and departed.

    Walked over to Newport. Friendly chicas that speak good English. Chatted up a nice looking Argentine named Laura. Charges 200us per hour. Gringos pay that rate.

    She politely left the table when a group of American hunters sat down. They invited some chicas and probably paid their rates. There are plenty of rich gringos traveling to Argentina for fishing and hunting.

    Decided to return to 2164 when I was stopped by a younger looking ivanka trump.

    Chica is named Andrea who lives in Mar del Plata and travels to ba for the weekend. Telephone number is.

    Sexy chica with a nice rack she claims was reduced. Agreed to 3000 pesos for 3 hours.

    Rode back in a taxi to the hotel room. Good performer that screams too much. Orgasms very easily. Unfortunately no deep throating but sin condom. Initially a problem with wanting money first. Agreed to 2000 upfront with remaining after 3 hours.

    Fun chica that started raping me. Loves to orgasm. Round 2 was sin condom.

    Took a break drinking a beer. Followed up with pillow talk and her showing me pics of her adorable daughter.

    Realized that I did not want to be with her for 3 hours. After the third round requested she leave. Wanted remaining balance. Told her we were together for only 2 hours.

    Threatened to call the police. Bluff. The bigger problem was the noise. Slammed my door. Fell on the ground. Front desk person stopped to inspect. There were no marks of any kind on her. Never touched her. She told him she was calling police.

    Gave her taxi fAre and she quickly departed.
    I think it's a bad idea to go to war with chicas in a foreign country (let alone at home) because you never know if they are going to call their brothers, pimps or cops on you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shamester  [View Original Post]
    One hour is always safer but it also depends on a timeframe.

    Some of these board guys act self righteous on the board but cry when a chica short changes them.
    Ahhhhh........ You are an Argentine.......Now I understand.

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    One hour is always safer but it also depends on a timeframe.

    Some of these board guys act self righteous on the board but cry when a chica short changes them.

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    It is probably wise to stick to one hour for a first time girl.

    However I have kicked them out before 1 hour is up but have always payed the agreed upon price. The 30 minute thing is too short of time for me. Every time I have been to Nuevo Estilo it seems like they are knocking on the door just as I am getting into it. The extra 30 minutes might be called the introvert tax. Most guys I meet here can do two shots in 1 hour. I usually just do one. It is why I tend to go to the massage girls even though usually they are older and not as good looking as the straight up privado girls.

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    A Deal is a Deal

    You agreed to pay her 3000 pesos for three hours. YOU broke the deal, not the chica. From what YOU say, you told her to leave after only two hours. That was your decision, not hers. You should have paid her the full amount as agreed, and chalked your loss up to a learning experience.


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    Yeah. Should have only booked for two hours.

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