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    Quote Originally Posted by Addicted Boris
    My husband and I will be arriving in BA on March 26. Looking to hit some clubs and swing good clubs. We are open to new experiences and want to have an excited trip with no limits for pleasure.

    Can anyone advise us what is going on? Where to go? Who to look for.

    I want to surprise him. So any help will be more than welcome.


    Hi Addicted Boris,

    Why did you post this request in an archived thread for reports posted 5 years ago?

    What decision making process did you follow that lead you to conclude that this thread was the BEST possible place for you to post this message?

    Inquiring minds want to know.


    Boss this just might be the dictionary definition of exquisite sarcasm! Not that you would do that, of course it was unintentional.

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    Swing Couples

    My husband and I will be arriving in BA on March 26. Looking to hit some clubs and swing good clubs. We are open to new experiences and want to have an excited trip with no limits for pleasure.

    Can anyone advise us what is going on? Where to go? Who to look for.

    I want to surprise him. So any help will be more than welcome.


    Hi Addicted Boris,

    Why did you post this request in an archived thread for reports posted 5 years ago?

    What decision making process did you follow that lead you to conclude that this thread was the BEST possible place for you to post this message?

    Inquiring minds want to know.



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    Brenda of Platynum

    Hello guys,

    Anybody has seen Brenda from Platynum? Any feedback?



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    Sorry L Duke

    Sorry if I and the boys trashed your monger pad over this last weekend.

    We did try to clean up after ourselves, though!

    P.S. Although just as hairy, the ass in the first picture does NOT belong to me .
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    Return to BA

    I will be arriving back in BA on Feb. 15. Looking to hit all the usual clubs. PM me if you are in town.

    Beleriand - I'll be on a side trip on Feb. 21 but will be back in BA on the 26th for another week. If your still in town then let know.

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    In Bs. As. the week of Feb 21st.

    Planning at least 1 late night visit to Madahos, Cattos or Salome

    Will anyone be there?



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    First visit

    As a rookie, I will be making my first trip to Bs As between Feb 15th to Feb 21st. I will be traveling alone but I believe I will be fine due to the tremendous amount of info on here. I would, however, like to meet up with anyone else in town during those days for beers and/or some food. Please let me know.


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    Dry Spell

    Yes Jaimito, and it couldn't have come at a worse time for me (See the Moscow forum). It just goes to show how much we as a community of mongers have come to depend on WSG.

    I sincerely hope the dry spell is over, but the forum continues to act as though it is on a ventilator and in an intensive care unit. Just imagine Dr. Jackson trying to resuscitate his patient by administering a shock: "Everybody clear.... One, two, three.....". Just as soon as he administers a shock, the panties on the nurses standing nearby will catch fire.... the nurses scream, the fire alarm goes off, the sprinklers go off, and mayhem ensues. In the midst of all the commotion, the poor forum comes to life for a few seconds, but immediately falls back into a non-responsive state.......

    Would he make it? Millions of mongers across the globe continue to be praying for ISG. Stay tuned for the next episode.

    In the meantime, Knuckhead is gearing up for a visit in a few days. I would love to hear from mongers in town now and over this upcoming weekend.


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    Second night in December

    Sorry for the delay, but this is my second night in BA in December. After the first night with a great GFE (see December post) I ended up at Newport on Junin St in Recoleta. It was about 11pm so still pretty quiet with only about 6 girls they were all nicely dressed and at first glance you may not have picked they were WLís, but of course I had your advice and it was pretty obvious. They did not approach me and as more and more started coming in I realized I needed some more cash and so nipped out to get some as I figured the prospects were pretty damn good. When I got back about 20 minutes later I had a look upstairs where there seemed to be some private party and a doorman would not let me look in??. Now it was pretty full in the bar.

    I started talking to a very slim girl with nice fake blond hair and cute body. But we could not communicate as my Spanish is so limited and her English even worse. After a while we both gave up and she moved on. In the meantime I had been eyeing one of two very cute girls and eventually made strong eye contact with her and she came over, to my relief. Sabrina has a perfect arse and she showed it off beautifully in jeans. Very friendly with pretty good English and we hit it off well. After a drink we got down to business and she agreed to come to my hotel in Centro after wanting me to go to a short time place. Sorry I cannot remember how much but it was a good price. Great cuddling in the cab and at my hotel (NH City Hotel, a nice newly converted hotel) I ignored the doormanís order to register her and we kissed and groped in the lift.

    After separate showers we were straight into some photos which I will post tomorrow. The arse I knew would be great but her tits were even better (possibly false?). Some stretch marks from a kiddie. Great BBBJ, very enthusiastic and after I exhausted my lips on her great titís got into a great root in 3 or 4 positions and finishing in missionary with big smiles on both our faces.

    She was great fun, friendly and keen to meet again, but I thought my last day should be another sample of the superb Argentinean girls so I did not commit. So after a couple of hours because as she was happy to stay and talk and cuddle, she gave me her card and I will call her again when I am back late next year. Two great Argentinean girls in two nights, hopefully the third would be the same.


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    It has certainly been lonely without the WSG the last 11 days or so!

    Glad to have it back.

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    Return Visit

    I will be arriving in Prague February 20 and staying through March 1. Anyone planning on being there and wanting to hang out with a couple of 28 year olds looking to be with chicas and drink please let me know. Also reading the board has me scared about the quality at Blacks. Are there any new high end boliches. Madahos is great but you need at least 2 great stops a night (or at least we do). It has been a year since our last visit and new information is always appreciated. Hopefully, a few of you will be able to join up for some drinks.

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    Taxi Scams

    Keep small change for taxis, as paying with a large note encourages the trick Saint noted.

    A variant on the trick that Saint foiled happened to me a few weeks ago: My two five peso notes for an 8 peso ride were rejected as supposedly fake and returned to me. No problema so far, although very odd. But that meant I had to pay with a larger note as I did not have much change (100 peso note was all I had besides the two fives, I think). Quick change occurred -- probably right then, and taxi driver suddenly did not like my big note either. Now I decided that I did not like the one he put back in my hand (but never looked for nor saw a switch) because of the way he was acting more than anything. There was plenty of other stuff to make me suspicious (he had more change than he claimed, the meter was 3 or 4 pesos too high for the ride, we did not go exactly where I asked but to a quieter place nearby instead, he let my passengers out first so I was alone on paying....). I just started yelling that he was a "ladron" thief and another note exchange occurred. This one was good, to my surprise, I had it checked.

    I suspect my first large note was switched for a bad one and that he switched back when I got mad in his car. But I did not have the guts to tear up a note or call the police, as I had not seen the switch so could not be sure of my position.

    Good job Saint. But for those made nervous by this; 99.9% of Taxis are honest and they are one of the joys of this City. Just watch the money exchange. And keep small bills handy.


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    Taxi scams in BA with fake money

    Hey guys. Many of you already know there are conterfeit bills floating around and not to pay with bigger bills in the taxis (especially at night). The new trick is for them to say you gave them a fake bill and they take your real bill and give you back the fake bill. Jack Daniels and I had this done to us last month. I was positive there was no way we could have both had fake money.

    I was with my girlfriend last night eating in Puerto Madero and I told her I had to get up early in the morning (which I did). Anyway, I was feeling a bit frisky so I decided to see if this one girl I know was working in one of the downtown clubs. I asked the taxi driver to take me to the Suipacha 900 block. He kept trying to get me to go to the Recoleta clubs. I told him I already know all those clubs and just wanted to say hi to a friend at one of the downtown clubs. He was relentless. Then he told me that the taxi drivers get your entrance fee in the Recoleta clubs. That's why they are so relentless in trying to get you to go to them. That's right. They get the entire entrance fee which is quite a bit for these taxi drivers. I never knew that. I always assumed they just got a small commission of a few pesos.

    Anyway, I paid with a 10 peso note and I was sure it was real. I watched carefully. What they do is they watch to see what bill you are going to pay with and then they have different amounts hidden by their seats. If you are holding up a 10 peso note they turn on the light and see what you are going to pay with. They pause for a second then they grab the fake denomination bill and switch it very very quickly. They are like a magician. I saw him switch it and it was so quick. Then expectedly he tried to say the money was fake that I gave him. I laughed and told him that I saw him change the money. He kept denying it. I told him I wasn't going to pay and that I wanted my change. It was only 10 pesos but that wasn't the point. He kept demanding the money. 10 pesos is only about $3 US but I wanted to make a point and wanted him to think twice about trying this again. I got out my cellphone then told him that I was calling the police and that I had his name (from the placard on the back of his seat). I told him that I was going to report him and he would probably lose his job or at least his license to drive the taxi.

    Of course he didn't want any problems and told me the ride was free but still tried to deny that he did it. He gave me my 10 peso back and he asked for the fake money back but I ripped up the bill so he couldn't scam anyone else.

    Be very careful in the taxis at night. I know having very small bills is a pain but try to have 5 peso and 2 peso notes. 10 peso notes are small enough but when they try to do this scam it's just frustrating. Pay attention when paying taxis especially near the downtown clubs. Also, one trick is to hold the bill up to the light before you pay him to show him you know it's a real bill. Be careful though because the conterfeit bills have a fake watermark. Some of the fake money here is actually really good knock offs so be careful. Feel the paper. The fake stuff you can tell the difference if you really feel the paper good enough.

    Good luck.

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    some more girls...

    Agosthina, platynum. She is a cute girl but definitely not into her profession. Very limited enthusiasm. CBJ. Her attitude is essentially - just do it and let me go. Never again. $180 per hour.

    Maia, platynum, organized via Roxana. Maia is great. Great body, sexy face (partially obscured on platynum site), friendly atmosphere. In addition, she just got back from a vacation nicely tanned. On top of it, she is a smart girl who knows what she wants. By far the sexiest experience during my week in B.A. If I had to complain about something, it would be CBJ. Plenty of DFK though. $180 per hour.

    Caty platynum/Fer argentinaprivate. She is a very nice girl, pleasent and attractive personality. Willing to go out of her way to please her clients. DFK, BBJ. YMMV though. $150 per hour. I would see her again if I stayed in B.A. any longer.

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    Shampoo closed

    According to insider information, Shampoo has been affected by the closure of all discotheqes in BA for 2 weeks after the terrible fire on new year's eve.

    Considering the fact that there has been a small fire in Shampoo about 3 months ago, and that this club is sort of a downstairs mausetrap (admittedly with some hot mice in it), it might not be a bad idea to check emergency exits and general compliance with fire code. Let's hope it does not just turn out to be a late christmas gift for the inspectors.

    dos centavos de

    El AlemŠn

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