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    Quote Originally Posted by Christopherd  [View Original Post]
    Yeah quite fancy that

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    Tasty in Constitucion

    Yeah quite fancy that

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    What an Awful Place!

    Quote Originally Posted by Christopherd  [View Original Post]
    Ps if anyone wants more lurid details of the 'dark side' LOL just say. I don't want to put the more genteel readers off their dinner.
    The neighborhood is dangerous and there are more Trannies than REAL girls!

    Awful Dominicans, etc!

    Surprised you got out alive!

    Anyway, I know of 2 or 3 100% Dominican Hooker Bars that are beer drinking dance halls with tons of hookers.

    Cheap, sleezy, dangerous!

    Just need to stay alert and be nice.


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    Ps if anyone wants more lurid details of the 'dark side' LOL just say. I don't want to put the more genteel readers off their dinner.

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    You just have to look a bit harder. Took me an hour. But more fun and paid off. (report in wrong section by mistake). Got a good shirt for 30 pesos as well, better quality cotton and better made (double stitched) than all the fake designer shirts downtown. Plus it's actually good design. Cost of the ho was 50 (could be haggled cheaper but did not) and she was young and very real.

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    Yeah, I stumbled across this area last night as I was looking for a supermarket. A neighborhood local lady gave me directions to the store while suggesting that I avoid a particular street. Now I understand why. I think she was embarrassed by the prostitution existing there. Yes, I did see some trannies strutting there stuff, but I believe also that I saw some real women as well .I think ('cause I did not partake).

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    Took a look around this area for the first time in many moons.

    While the action in this area has never been for the faint of heart, in the past there would at times be something somewhat acceptable, maybe even memorable. Yesterday I checked it out between 5 and 7 pm. Most of what I saw was transvestites. A few dark-skinned gals (probably Dominican) but they looked pretty rough, as did the other women on the game. Pretty discouraging. One block in particular where the Dominicanas hung out in the past had a short-time hotel, but the place is now gone and so are the gals. Had a regular there, first-class BJ skills.

    I'll check back now and then when I'm in the area, hoping I just hit a bad time (between Christmas and New Year) or a bad time of day.

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    Yesterday, before heading towards the boliches in Flores, I cruised a little bit the streets of Constitución.

    As in the past, the busiest SW location is in the block of Salta St between Pavon St and Constitución St. Out of 5-6 girls, only 1 looked acceptable (maybe a closer look would proove otherwise)

    The rest of the neighborhood SW joints are controlled by TVs, so very few real girls there.

    In any case, it is certainly not recommended for short term travelers (seldom would you get a good deal there in terms of quality / price)

    Hope this helps,


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