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    I think it goes like this:


    BTW, was this the title of a WHO song?


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    Excellent article. I've always thought the basic hindrance to Argentina's success has been the existence of a feudal state in one form or another. It's as if the Spanish conquered differently than the English / Western European countries conquered. In most of South America a certain twisted form of feudalism exists today, without the "noblesse oblige" that at least was supposed to go with feudal authority in the days of kings and royalty.

    I really liked the parallels that it draws between the two countries and where the decisions at certain times lead to the chasm between. The US could indeed slide into the same sort of trap - the people tired of trying to make sense of the world and letting the government step in to restablish a more feudal relationship between government and the people.

    Every year we citizens of the US give up more and more power to the government and bleat like sheep.

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    Argentina: The superpower that never was

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    The peso will drop to 4.18 per dollar by the end of 2009 - Bloomberg

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    I think Tejano Libre is quoting this article:

    What can I tell you guys. Living in México and enduring this crisis is not a simple thing. I am a veteran of the 1982, 1995 and 2002 recessions in this country and honestly things don't look very good for this year and at least the next. Industrial Production is falling 14% , commerce is very slow, etc.

    About crime and violence, I think it is a serious issue, but not out of control, there are a good deal of states living a stable and relatively safe situation. Endemic violence is concentrated in just a few states.

    Reading Forbes I saw an article by Gary Schilling where he says that if things don't fix in the states by the end of this year or the first quarter of 2010 then the US (and a good deal of countries) will be in a Depression.

    What do you guys think about that possibility?

    TL good article BTW. Cheers!

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    Here it is Sidney!

    Quote Originally Posted by Sidney
    I can't find the article.
    Try this one.


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    Today's News

    Quote Originally Posted by Sidney
    A financial expert discusses AR. Tune in on your computer
    Did you see the report today about the (10) most troubled economies in the world?

    Argentina comes in at number (5) on the list of countries in Deep Trouble!

    I think it's under Yahoo Finance.

    Anyway, I'll let someone like Big Sid discuss this if he feels like it.

    More bad news I'm sure!


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    Thank You

    El Alamo,

    Excellent. Thank you so much for taking the time to respond. I look forward to contributing my share when I get there.


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    I see your post now.

    The question about the restaurants is easy. Yes, it is easy to find restaurantes where the entire meal including wine costs $30 pesos or less. To get up to $60 pesos you would probably have to order a $30 or $40 peso bottle of wine.

    The usual price for the menu ejecutivo at lunch is $25-30 pesos. This usually includes bebida (house wine, cafe, gaseosos, aqua) plato principal and desert.

    The question about the privados is also easy. There are a ton of privados with prices less than $100 pesos an hour, or $60 pesos a half hour. The streets are literally strewn with little leaflets that are being passed out advertising these privados.

    The girls you see in the interent site are occasionally $100 pesos an hour but more commonly $150 or $200 pesos an hour, less for half an hour. Once the girls start putting their pictures on the internet they have made an investment and need to cover that expense by charging $100 to $200 pesos an hour.

    There are probably a lot more privados charging $100 pesos or less an hour than there are charging more than $100 pesos. Probably because not many Argies can afford $200 pesos an houron a regular basis.

    The quality of the girls at the $100 peso or less privados varies. Sometimes they are surprising good and sometimes surprisingly bad.

    Paraguay (Asuncion) is a different story. The normal price is $20 US dollars for an hour and the girls are younger and in Paraguay they have figured out that an hour has 60 minutes in it. They don't short time you on your hour.

    In Paraguay the girls in the privados are just as hot as the privado girls in Buenos Aires. The only difference is that there are far fewer ugly girls working in Paraguay. They must have a law against ugly girls working in privados in Paraguay.

    All in all, you get a bigger bang for your buck in Paraguay.

    Hope this helps

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    Quote Originally Posted by Balle13
    Yes, even Merkel. She's had Sidney's 11 inch cock.
    If Merkel has had Sidney's 11 inch or 30 cm cock she had to pay a lot for it. Afterall, she is not the norm for Sidney. Sidney specializes in under 20 year old knock dead gorgeous promotoros or models.

    I know girls who command at least $400 dollars an hour (they are 19 year old models) These same 19 year old playmates pay Sidney $500 pesos (that is a lot of money for them) to allow Sidney to drill them with his 30 cm pija (after they have sucked Sidney dry and swallowed)

    And more than one 19 year old drop dead gorgeous modelo is paying Sidney for the honor of suckng Sidney dry, swallowing and then being nailed to the floor with Sidney's 30cm harpon.

    What a life it would be if you had Sidneys 30 cm, 12 cm in diameter love pole

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    Pricing Pricing Pricing

    I have a two part question regarding the economy. Hopefully I put this in the right thread.

    I have been to BA twice before and had a great time at the low end privados. I don't do clubs. Just budget privados. Last time I went I banged 31 pussies for a total of $525. An amazing "spread" sheet if you ask me.

    I was paying between 30 - 70 pesos for time well spent. Inlcuded bbbj and and a few anals. I can get off on 6's and 7's no problem.

    I would like to go back rent an apartment for a month and do it all over again. Also take a side trip to paraguay.

    *1. Are there numerous privados that still offer budget pricing between 30-70 pesos or is 150/200 now the norm? I could go up to 100 pesos and maybe 150 with extras included but that is all. If 200 is the name of the game I could think of better countries to monger in.

    Where do I stand? I've asked a few members via pm and got different responses. I'd love to hear other comments from guys on the ground.

    Thank You! As always my trips depend on the expertise of members already there.

    *2. Another reason I go to BA is to enjoy the little things in life that I cannot enjoy in NYC. Eating out seeing movies theater etc.

    Can I still get a nice lunch for 30/40 pesos and can I sit down in a civilized restauraunt at night and order soup steak and wine. Maybe desert for 60 pesos or under?

    This is really important to me. Thank you for your time. I strive to do my best when reporting. I look forward to contributing once again.

    Good luck and Be safe,


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    Yes, even Merkel. She's had Sidney's 11 inch cock.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Doggboy
    LOL, even Merkel?
    Well she's head of State and she's German so there's a fair chance she is. LOL

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    Quote Originally Posted by Balle13
    In essense, you have the markets moving up on 20 knuckle heads, who are mostly mongers themselves, saying the right words in public.
    LOL, even Merkel?

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    Sidney is right. The G20 meetings are the market's Viagra right now, let's hope it sustains as I'm abit concerned of continued progress.

    The G20 represents over 75% of the world's GDP (approx 250 countries) and 25% of the world wealth (use to be 34% of the world's wealth last year) That's a powerful influence.

    In essense, you have the markets moving up on 20 knuckle heads, who are mostly mongers themselves, saying the right words in public.

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