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    Alvear palace hotel

    L'ORANGERIE is the restaurant on the main floor run by the hotel. La Bourgogne is leased to Chef Jean Paul one floor below. I could not find a thread for the hotel so will post here.

    Had the cold luncheon buffet here today for 690. Excellent selection of salades, cold cuts (carpaccio and prosciuto), cheeses, shrimp, fruits and great desserts. Includes unlimited mineral water and coffee. A la cart hot entres available around 500. Sunday brunch 1,300. Daily noon to 3:00pm.

    First class service in the ambiance of the winter garden room surrounded by rich widows of the neighborhood. Good hunting for a gigalo.

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    No more lunch service.

    Only a la cart diner with some menu items exceeding ARP 1,000 !

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    Back when I was courting "Miss Sol" I took her there for dinner, $500 peso's, need I say more.


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    Le Service

    Table service at its best:
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    A random sampling of the Bill of Fare:
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    Thumbs down Inflationary Update

    Same geart food, same great service, unfortunately, inflation does not correlate to the Kirchner party line. Lunch is now 165p. You do the math!

    Viva Las Socialistas !

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    Thumbs up No Inflation This Year!

    As reported a year ago, the prices were increased 20% the first of the year. Lunch prix fix 100p with beverages and wine. When I returned in October, same prices. And now, after the Christmas break, no price hikes. If they can tough it out this year, that will bring the inflation rate in line with the party propaganda line of 10%.

    Same great food, same great staff, same great price!

    Vive La France!

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    Thumbs down Inflation Strikes Again!

    The place was closed from Christmas until this week. They did a little painting and printed a new menu. Same great food but an across the board price hike of 20%. I hope this doen't become a semi annual thing.

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    Thumbs up La Bourgogne

    Located in the Alvear Palace Hotel on the corner of Alvear and Ayacucho. Without doubt, the best French cuisine available in the city. Prix fix lunch for 80p. This includes an appetizer, two (2) main plates, desert or cheese platter, glass of wine, mineral water, and petit fours.

    Unlike Le Sud, the portions here are generous and the menu selection larger and more varied (they do have lomo on the menu) The chef here is French whereas Le Sud's chef is from some Eastern European country.

    The appetizer looked like a desert layered in a whiskey glass topped with a sprig of fragrant dill. It was crab with cream cheese and chives on top of a pureed avacado. I had steak tartar as my first course. Fully 500 grams of the finest veal I have ever tasted, prepared to order table side. It came with french fries and salade. A full meal in itself. I passed on the fries. I chose the lamb brouchette with vegitables as my second course. Better lamb than I have eaten in Pattagonia. Presentaion of each plate was an art work. Service was immpecable and very aimiable.

    The cheese platter consisted of a huge cart with 24 different varieties. You are served as many and as much as you like. There is a seperate desert menu and my date chose the creme sampler, a platter of five different creme brulees.

    Although the menu says a bottle of mineral water and a glass of red or white wine, this was not the case. We each ordered a differt type of red and two bottles were opened. Our glasses were never empty and I'm sure we each had a full bottle. And the menu made no mention of the coffee and champagne we were offered at the end of a fine repast. No hidden charges.

    The breads deserve their own paragraph (for you Jackson) From begining to end, you are offered the finest selection of breads I have ever seen in any restaurant. They are presented in a huge basket and are to die for. They have their own bakery here with take out. I have solved my local bread deficiency problem (for you Dr. Adkins)

    There are about 30 plates on the menu priced a la cart between 30 and 40 pesos. You choose two of these for the prix fix of 80p. For 65p you can have the same menu without beverages.

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