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    Thumbs down Angeles - new location, bad massage

    Angeles has moved to an apt at Suipacha 670, #7H.

    Gave her a call yesterday and arranged a massage for 3PM. She does speak good English - studying to be a teacher, so no communication problems - I thought. Clarified price per hour, etc over the phone.

    80p-1 hour, went up for more time.

    Got there, found the place - small apt with two massage rooms - shares it with a couple of other girls, but they were not there. Clean, but spartan, as they have recently relocated. She is cute, very thin, no tits, but nice long slim legs and tight butt. I was happy, hopped on the table, and it pretty much went downhill from there. She started out very tentative, and I said to use as much pressure as she could. Didn't change much. I have not had that many massages, but this was definitely not a professional one. She sort of wandered around, not very thorough anywhere, even assymetrical, almost no head / neck whatsoever. Anyway, after about 25 mins, flip over, spend about 3 mins on legs and, " Well, how do you want relax, hand or mouth?" Never one to turn down a blowjob, you can guess my answer, so she proceeds to slap a rubber on it and bob on it for a few minutes. To put it lightly, the effect was not great, so I said, just take it off, and do the hands. I stroked her butt and legs as she did it, but that was pretty much all she would allow - no nudity.

    Eventually the desired effect was achieved, and I took a quick shower and got dressed. Now everything was still all friendly - I was a little disappointed, but basically happy, so I pulled out 80p and handed it to her. She says - "30p for the boca" and I say - you didn't say that - she says - Oh, that is standard - I say, I'm a gringo, but I know everything is negotiable, and you only did it for about 3 minutes-with the condom. You can see where this was going. Anyway, I gave her the bucks, but made it clear I was not happy. Don't know if she has access to this forum, but don't really care -

    Anyway, lesson learned, that you can never really clarify enough what the deal is.

    Would not recommend, and definitely will not repeat

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    Angeles - Hotel Las Naciones - Corrientes 818 rm. 1412

    Got to give it to this girl for renting a hotel room for her consultorio, as far as I know she is the only masajista who does this. Being a hotel room with chambermaids maintaining it round the clock, the place was spotless and the bathroom was very clean.

    Massage: She started out suave but after telling her I want a stronger massage she obliged and did it fuerte. Nothing really special with the massage except for her hands. Believe me, I think she has the softest hand among all the masajistas in Buenos Aires.

    Happy ending: She has this technique where she does not stop even after you've come. She will really make the extra effort to get the last leche out of your dick.

    Cost was A$ 80 including the happy finish. She works alone so there is no lineup to speak of. Attired in really short miniskirt which accentuates her slender legs if you want them thin. Only setback is you have to present a documento to the concierge before he lets you up - if privacy is an issue to you then this may be a problem. Plus side is that she speaks decent english so communicating with her won't be a problem.

    Angeles - 1559523112
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