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    3 de Febrero 2386, between Olazábal and Blanco Encalada, parallel to Cabildo and Libertador. Chicas: 3. Prices: Conventional 100p 30 min. 150p hour, Completo 150p 30 min. 200p hour. Tel: 4784-2705, 4789-0527. Hours: 24/7.

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    Decent Place

    Norman Stormin just finished a crack review of the houses at this end of town so I will just quickly add my review on this one. The house is pretty nice and has 3 levels but not the kind of place where rooms have their own private bathroom like Olazabel. My first visit the madam was not there and Luna presented herself (not bad, petite, upbeat) and one other. Picked the other, quite paraguaya, reserved but very cute and warmed up nicely but have not seen her since nor remember her name. Second trip sessioned with Flaviana or something. Don't believe she is on the site unless they brushed out some major body art and piercings. A bit too goth for me but I kinda recall some guys asking for that. Not bad oral skills, and goes for garganta profunda but in a I dare ya sort of way not in a I'm gonna make you blow like you never have before. Third with Brenda. A bit older than the other two but very good. She is fairly voluptious and when her bra comes off, there is alot there, they just doesn't sit right up like implants. Likewise her hips are curvy but not huge and womanly. She also is a nice conversationalist but can offer up no english. Nice native portena.

    Prices the same as above as well as Cabildo VIP and Olazabel Sex. Olazabel currently has the hottest chicas and best rooms. Found a hot Venezuelan at Cabildo but when I called to repeat they said she was gone.

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    Not bad at all

    Hola mongers,

    I've been to Belgrano Escort this Sunday afternoon. I wanted to try as it is close to my apartment. Prices are still the same than 2 years ago: 100p 30min, 150p 1h. I did not ask for completo. I took 30min. 2 girls were available, including Fiorena. The other one was much older, around 45y. So I choosed Fiorena that you can see here:

    Photos are quiet accurate except a new tatoo and maybe a bit more weight. She does not speak English at all.

    First she offered me a drink, then the serious things. The session was quiet good, including DFK, but unfortunately only CBJ. Different positions, then after 20 min the end. The girl was nice, not really GFE but nice. And the room was clean.

    In conclusion this privado is not as good as Gysell's (my favourite) but it is also not the same price. So I will probably go back.

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    3 Chicas. Prices: 100p 30 min. 150p hour. Tel: 4784-2705, 4789-0527. Hours: 24/7.

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    Unhappy 3 de Febrero 2386

    As reported a few days back in July 2007, this is the crew from Cabildo 1182. It has metamorphosed into a house in Belgrano. Open 24/7 and the telephone number is the same. 4784 2705. 4 girls said to be on deck at all times. I was shown 3 and chose Luciana, a bottle blond Paraguaya. Fantastic body if you prefer them 'a la naturale', with very nicely sized breasts (not D's but B's) which is my preference. Prices are Ar$100 half hour. Luciana very mechanical which turned me right off and I left the bank without making a deposit. Certainly wouldn't repeat and the 2 others I saw seemed a little life-less. In general, Luciana stood out because the others were not so great. There can be no doubt, a tested and true monger needs most of all, an enthusiastic partner or a wonderful and energetic actress. After that, all things are possible.

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    3 de Febrero 2386

    Between Olazabal and Blanco Encalada, parallel to Cabildo (in Belgrano)

    Moved from Cabildo 1182. Web site shows 5 Chicas. Prices went up. I believe 100+p for 30 mins. ___p hour. 4784-2705, 4789-0527. Open 24/7.

    Please call and post us know all the info?

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