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    Es 517 - Tania (formerly Charo at Ste. Fe 1707

    If my eyes are not deceiving me, I believe Tania is "Charo" formerly of Ste. Fe 1707 (can someone confirm this? And in the interim "independent." If so, she gives the best bbbj ever, IMO.


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    Esmeralda 517

    Guess I am as guilty as anyone for not being able to fine proper threads, etc, but think you can find all kinds of reviews on this place if you look. From my experience the only thing good about it is that it is open sundays. Pricing is like anywhere else in argentina - variable - so make sure you get all details. Quality is quite good, but attitude is YMMV as per usual. If I remember right it something like 200p / hr. They do have nice rooms if that sort of thing is important to you.

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    Esmeralda Nivel Vip

    Has anyone been to this place located at Esmeralda 517 1 be - Capital Federal? Anyone know their pricing?

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