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    Quote Originally Posted by Luiilo  [View Original Post]
    Hi! How can i connect with you? I have telegram but a dont know how to find you without a phone number.

    Did you got him?

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    Hi! Im interested

    Hi! How can i connect with you? I have telegram but a dont know how to find you without a phone number.

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    If you need help scoring weed and other stuffs here then telegram...kushkonnectiom.

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    Nice combination, isn't it?

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    Thames 1335, Palermo.

    Name says it all. Go upstairs to the terrace. No Spanish required. BsAs' only 'smoke-friendly' establishment. Of course I'm not saying that you can buy it, that would be illegal afterall. I highly recommend their pizzas downstairs. No, it's not a euphamism and they're not "special."

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    What else?

    So, from what I have read, you can get bad weed. Or some GBL drops which sound quite dodgy. What about coke? Is that hard to get? Always makes me perform better in the bedroom.

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    You can go to Bonds Street which is on Santa Fe ave. Tons of tattoo shops and alternative stores. Most everyone has it there. Especially the stores that sell pipes and such.

    Also their is a street vender in front of Recoleta Cemetary that sells pipes and such. On my last trip the guy hooked me up with weed. BTW do not expect it to be anything good. However you will have to wait for the weekend for the street venders to set back up.

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    Save Your Money

    Weed in Argentina is Crap!

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    Go to Hook. Don't ask the bartenderess, but ask around of the girls. You should have some luck.

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    Where to buy weed?

    Does anyone know where to buy some weed? I just spent the last 3 hours walking up and down cerritto and asking every streetvendor and random people that looked like they may smoke and I was mostly laughed at. my spanish is also extremely limited which doesn't help. would it work to go into a place like Hook or Madahos and asking the chicas in there?

    Any tips would be much appreciated

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