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    Yep, was closed, tried yesterday and the doorman told.

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    IGetAround says:

    Lavalle 887 not in operation;
    I tried Lavalle 887 piso 1 Apt 3 at Suipacha and though someone answered, I feel sure "no chicas aqui" didn't mean temporarily.

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    Lavalle 887, piso 1 Apt 3, at Suipacha (Dinastia). 10 Chicas. Prices: Conventional 150p 30 min. 250p hour, Completo 300p hour. Tel: 4326-3323. Hours: Monday to Sunday. 9am to 9pm.

    I only saw one chica, the rest were busy or out on call. It was 1:30pm and it's lunch time.

    She was very nice looking.

    The mamasan kept ratting on in Spanish, so I missed a lot. I forgot to ask about when they are open. So I used what was posted from before.

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    When I was there a few weeks ago the parts of the apartment I saw were dirty, bordering on disgusting. Who ever is running the place, please do some cleaning and painting.

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    Lavalle 887, piso 1 Apt 3, at Suipacha

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