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    Viamonte 845, piso 15, dept. E

    I visited Samanta today:

    I called ahead to book Samanta, but when I arrived 3 chicas told me Samanta was occupied, and I could choose one or all of them. None of the girls was above a 5, so I said I'd come back when Samanta was available, and the girls invited me in to wait. About 10 minutes later Samanta arrived and took me to an apartment on another floor which was basic but clean.

    Samanta's facial photos are 30% photoshopped, but the body and tits are spot-on so who cares?! Samanta has a solid 10 body, and about a 7 face, and rocks like a porn star.

    600 pesos the hour, covered, and very friendly though certainly not a GFE. I'd repeat, but I'm still a kid in the candy store as it were, and there are better deals and performers to be had...

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    Viamonte 845 piso 12 Apt J, at Esmeralda

    (Bebotas-VIP.) 4 Chicas. Prices: 100p 30 min. 150p hour. Tel: 4322-1286, 15-3685-7109. Hours: 24.

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