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    Quote Originally Posted by Tres3  [View Original Post]
    I hate to show my ignorance, but the cost amounts given in your otherwise excellent post, do no make any sense. The Guarani is over 5,000 per USD. $200 USD is more than a good Chica costs in BA. Is the $200 Pesos? If not, what is it?

    All costs in guarani.

    Eg 150,000 guarani.

    Or 200,000 guarani.

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    Showing My Ignorance

    Quote Originally Posted by ElAlamo  [View Original Post]
    For an absolute dump but with hot chicas don't overlook Agencia 310. The place is horrible. How they gets these young, HOT chicks is beyond me. Sol for example. Young hardbody $200 guarani/hr.
    I hate to show my ignorance, but the cost amounts given in your otherwise excellent post, do no make any sense. The Guarani is over 5,000 per USD. $200 USD is more than a good Chica costs in BA. Is the $200 Pesos? If not, what is it?


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    A few other privados

    For an absolute dump but with hot chicas don't overlook Agencia 310. The place is horrible. How they gets these young, HOT chicks is beyond me. Sol for example. Young hardbody $200 guarani/hr.

    For a great place with plenty of chicas, some really hot, don't forget Cerra Cora 462. First class operation. $180 guarani/hr. Nicole is a 10 in anybodys book but she won't lose the condom - not that it matters too much. She will get the job done.

    Another place, 217 Cerra Corra, same ownership as 462 Cerra Cora, 150 Guarani/hr. Angie is a young, green/blue eyed blondish chic with legs and tits to die for.

    903 Caballero used to be a dump but no longer. Hot chicks. $150 guarani/hr. Facilities OK but not like 217 or 462 Cerro Cora.

    Or a long time operation - la Mansion. $250 guarani/hr. Great facilities but forget convincing the chicas to lose the condom.

    Asuncion is pussy heaven. If you can't find young, hot chicks here you can't find them anywhere.

    258 Estados Unidos. Hit or miss. Open 24 hours. I knew Magaly when she was 18. Still hot.

    And for eye candy. Take a seat at El/La Bolsi restaurant on Alfredi. Nowhere is the world has as many hot chicks walking by.

    And Paraguay. Paraguay has the only exploding economy in south America. They never bought into the Peronist/ liberal BS that is destroying the rest of South America. They get up early, work hard, don't expect handouts and it shows. More Merecedes per block than you can imagine.

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    Azara 905, subsequent impressions

    Quote Originally Posted by Tourist2010  [View Original Post]
    I have returned to Azara 905 a couple of times since writing the above (or below) and would now summarize it as usually having four chicas plus a madam. The madam (who in dim light I thought was probably 40, in brighter light I now realize she is in her 20s) is sometimes available also, for shorter periods, and gives excellent massages. They have a room with a massage table as well as the bedrooms.

    Chicas tend to be 7s and 8s, though guys that really like busty women would describe them as 8s and 9s.

    Excellent service from pleasant chicas with nice attitudes. A worthwhile place to visit.

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    Julio Cesare Franco 1909 / Class Mcal. Lopez -- not worthwhile

    Summary: not in Centro, extremely hot-looking chicks, nice house, 16 chicas on, several bedrooms with attached bathrooms, mirrors in bedrooms, clean, two chicas working at 11AM, expensive, poor service.

    Location: Julio Cesare Franco 1909, near San Lorenzo barrio.

    Phone: 021 680 984.

    Prices: 150,000g half hour, 230,000g full hour.

    Directions from Centro: Bus Linea 12 Ramal 1 or Ramal 5 from avenida Cerro Cora, about 1/2 hour, past Mme Lynch, just past Iglesia San Sebastian and La Cubana disco. Walk across the street to A. Gonzalez. Julio Cesare Franco is the second street that intersects A. Gonzalez. Large house, with number 1909 on brown driveway gate and on walk-in entrance gate.

    Hours: 24, and probably open on Sundays also (the chicas from out of town live there while working).

    The agency Class Mcal. Lopez seems to have more chicas--16--on than any other agency. I was interested in trying them out.

    It took a while to figure out how to get there--I didn't ask which bus to take, but did a bunch of searching on the net (its not easy to figure out Asuncion bus routes), brought my Asuncion tourist map (free at the tourist office, but this casa is a little off the map), and then confirmed with the driver.

    Bus ride was about half an hour, to a pleasant neighborhood. No street sign tells you Julio Cesar Franco, but it is the second street in on A. Gonzalez. I arrived about 10:45AM. Rang the bell, a girl (the madam) with a dog came out and brought me in. Told me to have a seat and she would bring the chicas in.

    The waiting/inspection room had a stripper pole. After five minutes, the madam came back, closed the curtains, and turned on the music and disco lights! A few minutes later, two stunning blonde 10s walked in, Sol and Angeles (both have accurate photos on, and their faces are as hot as their bodies).

    I chose the tall, slim, Sol. When we got to the room, I told her I wanted an hour, she said that would be 230,000g. I paid her, she left, I took a shower, she returned about ten minutes later with more towels, condoms and her phone.

    While Sol is truly a stunning 10, she is a lousy lay--with the emotional appeal of an inflatable sex toy. While I was licking her, she was texting! She wasn't getting turned on at all until I insisted that she put away the phone. Though I had confirmed with her beforehand that it was a 'real hour', Class Mcal. Lopez's definition of an hour seems to be 48 minutes or less. The knock on the door came just as I started fucking her. I said we could have another hour, but as I went for my wallet to pay for the second hour, another text message arrived on her phone! That was it for me. I got dressed and left.

    Thought it over a bit while waiting for the bus, walked back to the casa and rang the bell again. Asked the madam for a chica 'sin fono' and for a real hour. Though she was a little surprised at my insistence for a chica without a phone (most people would not expect chicas to come to the bed with their phones!!!), she said yes and brought me back to the waiting/inspection room.

    The second chica, Angeles, came in, and we went to the room. I paid her 230,000g (actually I gave each chica 250,000g because I didn't have change, Sol gave my the 20,000g change back, Angeles did not).

    Angeles wasn't into being touched, had adequate blowjob skills, and I was ready to fuck, so we were soon fucking and I came within 25 minutes. At which point she said we were finished. I said we weren't. We talked for 15-20 minutes before she got insistent that I had to leave, and I did. So, 250,000g for a total of 45 minutes (and it would have been only 25 minutes if I hadn't argued the point). One can do much, much better than this with casas in Asuncion (see my earlier posts).

    Angeles did actually say something about hoping I came back, I was a little slow to respond (language skills...), so didn't tell her that I would never come back. While I dislike clock-watching chicas, I'd confirmed with this one beforehand that it would be a real hour (which she made into a 45 minute hour), and I really hate dishonesty.

    While the Class Mcal. Lopez chicas are hot to look at, they are not worth visiting.

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    Cialis & Viagra in Paraguay

    Paraguay sells generic versions of many drugs cheaply. Like other spanish & portuguese speaking countries, you just ask for what you want at a farmacia--no prescription required (I assume it would be different for controlled drugs).

    As long as you know the generic name for the drug, you can ask for it at any farmacia. I noticed that both Tadalafil (Cialis) and Sildenafil (Viagara) are manufactured and sold in Paraguay.

    Tadalafil (Cialis) is 12,000g (2.30 USD) for a blister pack of two 10mg tablets, or 111,000g (21.31 USD) for a box of 10 blister packs (twenty 10mg pills total).

    Brand-name Cialis (Tadalafil made in Puerto Rico by Lilly) in Buenos Aires is 1018 pesos for twenty 5mg tablets. Street exchange rate of Argentinian pesos is currently about 14.5 pesos per USD, so, 20 5mg pills of Cialis in Buenos Aires costs about 70 USD.

    So, generic Tadalafil is much cheaper (21.31 USD for twenty 10mg pills) in Asuncion than Cialis in Buenos Aires (~70 USD for twenty 5mg pills).

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    Amador de Montoya 1325 / Romina Productions, Zona Terminal

    Summary: Located in Zona Terminal, not Centro. Two bedrooms, one bathroom, 4 chicas, all 8-10s.

    Hours: 1000 - 2000.

    Rates: 100,000g 1/2 hour, 125,000g 45 minutes, 150,000g hour (times are real).

    Some study of agencies on (where I think only the hottest chicas are listed) showed that Romina Productions had 3 chicas, and listed a location in Zona Terminal that sounded close to the bus terminal.

    I enjoy taking a bus from Centro to Terminal. Its about 1/2 hour, and the 2,300g ride goes thru streets bustling with activity, traffic, cars parked in the middle of the street, packed shops, seeming chaos and people galore. The bus bounces along the potholes in a bone-jarring ride, vendors get on and off the buses to sell food, drinks, trinkets, the noise is loud and you know you're alive.

    I don't suggest foreigners taking a city bus in Asuncion unless it is during the day, and they speak spanish.

    Had a nice lunch at one of the restaurants that have barbeques out front, across the street from the bus terminal. I was delaying until 1500, as I figured they would probably be busy with the lunchtime crowd until then.

    I walked over to the taxi stand at the bus terminal, called for the specific address, then, not fully understanding it, walked over to the first taxi, called them back and asked the driver to ask for directions. It was about an eight minute, 25,000g taxi ride (the subsequent walk back, after a chica explained where to go, was about twelve minutes).

    Amador de Montoya 1325 (enter off Medicos de Chacos) is a detached house. There seems to be a family living there, cooking meals for themselves and the chicas. A young guy opened the door, showed me to a bedroom, and then the chicas came in one by one to introduce themselves.

    I chose an 8, Kiara (who is on, and we had a great hour. Great GFE, good oral skills, pleasant, enjoyable, seems a bit shy. I think she is a year or two older than in her photos, but was definitely enjoyable. As we'd had such a nice time, I was a little hesitant to ask to subsequently have a different chica, but as she was about to open the outer door for me, I did.

    So then I had Laura, a 21 year old (I would have guessed 19) morena, a 10, also on Only about 1.4m tall, but slim, with fat in all the right places. Very pretty. Definitely a cutie, and an enjoyable hour (that was closer to 1.5 hours--I spent a long time going down on her and she was ignoring the repeated knocks on the door). I don't think this girl has watched many porn videos, as she has no idea of the importance of sound effects during sex--she's just quiet. However, with her looks, all men want to have sex with her anyway, so it all works out. She sucks cock voraciously, is full of energy, and happy to bounce up and down on a cock.

    I returned the next day to enjoy Lujan (who seems a little heavier than in her pictures, but is hot and skilled), and more of Laura.

    If you don't mind the trip from Centro, I recommend this place.

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    Asuncion has always been a privado lovers paradise.

    Well done.

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    Bless you my son

    I think it might be time to take a trip to the motherland.

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    Azara 905 update

    Summary: open 0800-2100, chicas are mostly 7s, there is a separate madam. Pretty clean, at least two bedrooms, large, with mirrors. A good place, but not what is was like in 2011 (see Member #4110s post farther down).

    Rates: 100,000g for 1/2 hour, 125,000g for 45 minutes, 150,000g per hour.

    Checked out Azara 905 last night about 2000. . Two chicas, a 7 and a 6. I was interested in the 7, but she said she had to leave early, and could only do 1/2 hour, and they were closing at 2100, and would be open again in the morning, with more chicas, at 0800. I didn't think a half hour was long enough for me, so I declined. I tried to check out a few other places on Azara (#561, #479, #1270 and #1565), but they were all closed.

    Member #4110 mentions in his excellent writeup of Azara 905 (which is what inspired me to try it) that he has found the non-24 hour places have better, fresher chicas. I am finding that the best selection of chicas is early in the morning--about the time the casa opens (0800, 0900 or 1000 for most of them). There tend to be a lot of chicas (perhaps they all have kids--I"m not sure of that, but there is a preference to work days rather than nights), and few clients. In real time (as opposed to South American time), the chicas will get there between the opening time and 25 minutes later.

    This morning, after a delightful two hour session with my becoming-regular 9 (probably she is a 10, but I wrote 9 at first, so am I just falling for her?) at Caballero 903, I returned to Azara 905 about 1130. There were four chicas working, plus the madam. The chicas were all 7s, including the one that I'd talked with last night, Luna. The madam looked in her 40s, very pretty and fit, and I told her I was most interested in her, but she was firm about not being available.

    So I had a great one hour (150,000g) session with Luna, a warm, pretty, late-20s? Morena. The bed had one of those annoying headboards that kept banging against the wall (whoever invented headboards must not have gotten a lot of sex), but wedging a roll of toilet paper between the headboard and the wall resolved that distraction. Very good GFE, good hand and oral skills, warm, pleasant, enjoyable..

    I have not found anyone on that works at Azara 905, so I'm sad to report it is no longer as great as described by Member #4110 in 2011. It is still a nice location, the bathroom/shower is nice, the rooms are big and have mirrors, there are at least two bedrooms, probably more, and there was nothing wrong with the selection of four 7s at 1130 today. In comparison, though, Caballero 903 at 1130 would likely have 2 10s, 2or3 9s, and a few 6-8s available.

    Afterwards, I took a bus out to Terminal to have a good lunch, followed by 2.5 hours of delightful sex with an 8 and a 10 (subsequent, not together) from Romina Productions. A post about that after I return there...

    Asuncion is paradise for men (at least for those that have money--watching the guys that get on and off city buses selling food/drinks/etc reminds me just how really fortunate those of us who can afford p4p are)!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dickhead  [View Original Post]
    Excellent work, lad!

    And many thanks to those that have gone before and written it up, from which I have learned much.

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    Excellent work, lad!

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    Estados Unidos 258 -- a good place on a Sunday

    Sunday, did some looking on and saw a company that showed an address, Estados Unidos 258, 1st floor, Door B. I called, they said they were open.

    Not overly clean, there were two chicas there, a 6 and a 7. I chose the 7, a tall morena, Soanya. A real hour was 200g, I forget the half-hour price. Soanya was late 20s or early 30s, better body than face, pleasant, quiet, and good in bed. Not a clock watcher, and the knock on the door came after a full hour.

    I asked her why there were so few casas open on Sundays, and she said it was because most chicas want to spend Sunday at home, not because of a lack of customers.

    EEUU (short form for Estados Unidos) 258, 1st Floor Door B is a place I would recommend if you can't wait until Monday.

    I think it has only two bedrooms.

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    Caballero 903 -- a great place

    The next day (see my earlier report, #1205 - a place to avoid), I went thru and looked at places that had a number of hot-looking chicas. I didn't look at the ones listed as independents, as I was looking for a brothel with some selection, not a particular escort.

    I had Skype working, so phoned Brithania Masajes, who said they were open from 0900 - 2000, and at Caballero 903 (which, I should note, is listed on the Asuncion Chica list). This place was great! I arrived at 1600. Not overly well lit or sparkly-clean (not dirty, either), there were 8 hot-looking chicas available, all 8-10s. I chose a busty morena who looked older than most (she said she was 26, which was believable), a 9. I have found that often the chicas that are not the hottest ones in the place try harder, so are better--hence my choice.

    I was quite happy with my choice. Rates are 200,000 per hour, and the hour was a real hour. I spent 2.5 hours with her, extremely satisfying, and one of the other girls, a 10, joined us for a while as well. The 10 (to contradict my theory above about the other chicas needing to try harder than the hottest looking ones), was full of energy (she was probably 20 years old), and had exceptional blowjob skills. In addition to the fantastic sex, the two chicas taught me some essential spanish (tetas=tits, concha=pussy, cola=ass).

    The girls were absolutely not clock-watchers--the knocks on the door that the hours were up were after a real hour (I checked on my phone). Rates by the hour were 200,000 (for the first hour, same price for subsequent hours).

    I'm not entirely sure about the half-hour rate, or the second chica rate. The second chica was an additional 100,000, and she got called away after less than an hour (not sure how long she was there, seemed at least a half hour).

    The rate for the last half-hour with the 9 (after two, consecutive, one-hour sessions) was 100,000.

    Next morning, Saturday, wanting to check out Mexico 451, I noticed that the street-level gate was closed--it had always been open before (it was just after 1100). That implied that it probably was a casa de putas as the.

    Asuncion Apartments list said in 2011.

    I returned to Cabellero 903 before noon. This time, there were five chicas, two 10s, an 8, a 6 and a 5. One of the 10s was the one I'd had the.

    Threesome with the day before I wanted her, but she was busy (or else she only does threesomes and we just misunderstood each other). I chose the other 10, Sabrina, a slim germanic girl who I'd expect was about 20 (she is on the website under the name Sabrina for Brithania Escorts, and her age is listed as 20. Long, naturally blond hair (she mentioned that to me), with an angelic face, really enjoyed fucking. Her rate was 150k/hour, but her first hour was only 40 minutes before the knock on the door, and the second, subsequent hour we had was an before the knock on the door.

    I was starting to get concerned about my cash supply, as I'd just read that cash machines in Paraguay had small daily limits, so Sabrina went to get something to eat, and I went to leave. However, the 9 from yesterday, who I had a good connection with, had started work at this time (she had poked her head in the door earlier to say hello/let me know she was available). As I went towards the outer door, the 9 was lying seductively on the couch, and invited me to sit down with her. I did so, and she soon convinced me to go right back to the bed I'd just left for a half-hour that evolved into four hours.

    Caballero 903 has a total of three bedrooms, one bathroom, a reception room, and a little side room where the chicas wait.

    No prostitutes on the street Saturday night, and much less nightlife than there was Friday night.

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    #1205 -- a casa to avoid

    After a couple of days traveling, arrived ASU at night, changed 100 USD at airport for 4,128,000 guarani (at current exchange rates, it should have been closer to 5,200,000). Changed more USD at Western Union (Mexico & 25 de Mayo) the next day at 5,130,000 per 100 USD -- much better.

    The taxi from airport to hotel asked for 35 USD, or 30 if I didn't need a receipt. Hotel had told me it would be about 20 USD. I think he was scamming me, but he had been quite helpful during the long drive with explaining the sights to me and helping me with several spanish phrases (one of my reasons for going was to improve my spanish), so I paid it.

    I could see that my phone's roaming rate was high, and I wasn't sure I could reload it in Paraguay, so didn't want to call the casas on the 2011 Asuncion Apartments List to see which were open.

    I asked at a taxistand for a casa de putas in centro. The drivers said the address of one place. 12,000 guarani fare, gave the driver.

    13,000. House was #1205, floodlights gave the outside a reddish-orange appearance, two-car driveway in front. Sorry I did not get the street name.

    Two chicas were available, I think there were three working there. A busty 7 and a non-busty 6. I took the 7, for 230,000 for an hour. The hour was 45 minutes, and she asked for an extra 50,000 to replace the sheet because I'd made her wet the sheets! (I'd gone.

    Down on her, and the sheet had a puddle). Due to my limited spanish, I didn't argue much, and paid. She called a taxi and I left.

    This place does not appear on the Asuncion Apartments List, and I'm sorry I didn't get the street name, but if a taxi does take you to an orange-red floodlit house #1205, you probably want to go somewhere else.

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