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    What a coincidence. Just as I post that Ivana and Agus used to have an ad on Todomasajes, a new one appears. This ad advertising their "MASAJES a 4 MANOS" just appeared after I posted my review. They have new photos showing them together, and looking good.

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    Ivana and Agus

    Ivana and Agus work in an apartment on the third floor. I believe there is a third chica here as well. They used to advertise as a duo on TodoMasajes, but now they have separate ads on another website. But they still offer the 4-hands duo. The number is 15-6037-9404.

    I called up and made an appointment same-day. The apartment is average, clean, carpeted. Separate bathroom with a good shower. The massage room I had was small, but with enough room around the massage table for two chicas to work. Agus greeted me at the door and did all the preliminary orientation. She is beautiful, better than in the photos. Ivana didn't join us until the massage was ready to start. She is pretty, but not quite the beauty of Agus. Both are attractive young women, about 20 years old. They were dressed casually (no massage coats), short/no sleeves and showing just a hint of cleavage. They looked good, and with both of them in the room with me, my level of anticipation was high. They provided a good, thorough full body massage for the first half hour or so. After the DV they continued with more therapeutic massage for a few minutes, then settled in massaging my thighs and upper legs, moving far up my inner legs at times. I enjoyed this for about 10 minutes, with a raging hard-on while they continued as if it was a normal massage. They were pleasant, focused and quiet, making the mood peaceful and intense at the same time. We continued on to the relax and I got up on my knees on the massage table. Ivana on one side, Agus on the other, both close in to me. As I watched them work, I slid a hand down their tops to cup their breasts with no resistence. Ivana has a small B cup, while Agus had more of a handful with her C cup. They continued to work with focus and dedication, alternating their hands periodically. With 4 hands and plenty of baby oil, it was exquisitely enjoyable. At my request they did not go too fast, just steady. Eventually the inevitable happened, I almost blasted past the end of the massage table while they had big smiles on their faces.

    500 pesos total for the hour. Tried to see them again on my last day but could not get through. For CFNM fans, these two are a dream team.

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    And yes there are several apartments in this building. These cuties are on the third floor, will review next.

    Click image for larger version

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    Update: The Nicol that BBM reviewed below is no longer working under that TodoMasajes listing. The Nicole in BBM's link is a different, busty chica who I recently reviewed in the TodoMasajes thread.

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    Several Apartments in this Building

    This time they sent me to apartment 2 see. The deal today is that 300 P goes to the house and 300 P to the girl for 1 hour of massage and sex. Let's acknowledge that on the local boards that Rodriguez Pena is known to be pricey.

    This time I went with Nicol who is the cute- type. (That's a good in my book). I am sure the link will be broken before too long but the phone number is 15-6145-6097. Nicol has very small breasts so I definitely would not recommend her to Esten and any other breast lover. Fun girl. I tried to see if she works outcall but she said "No". I will probably keep trying to find new girls. I seem to be having to make 4 or 5 phone calls to find availability.

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    Steff has a new ad out with sexier pictures on Todomasages that implies she is complete. She looked innocent to me but then check out the tattoos.

    I met her in the common area as I was leaving but I thought she was very good looking. She does not photograph as well as some of the other chicas. I am trying to get back in November. Any reports will be appreciated.

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    Rodriguez Pena 565 7A

    15-3354-2568 This place is currently running a special 100P for an hour. It is a massage with relax place. I do not think complete is available. I called for Steff.

    Steff was busy when I got there and I ended up with Vero.

    Good massage but I was not attracted to Vero. I saw Steff on the way out and would love to at least get her top off. She's quite pretty but a bigger girl. Actually if you are going to this building Mayra in 5C might be your better bet. There is a separate thread on 5C.

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