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    That is the reason for the name "Keeps closing"

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    Closed it is. Why? Who knows ...

    I drove by Keep today at 1:00 a.m. It's closed, indeed, and no signs of closure order on the door. The whole block was empty, no people, not even SW on the sidewalk.

    A block away, in the corner of Suipacha and Cordoba Av., there were about 6 or 7 SW, part TVs and part actual chicas. The chicas were below standard (in my opinion, this is true irrespective of which standard we are talking about).

    I turned on Cordoba and again on Exedra, to see about 8 chicas around Exedra, in general not interesting material (but could be worth examining closer, which I did not).

    In any case, back to Keep, does anybody know why it is closed?

    M.T. De Alvera 977 was open, but I did not get in.

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    Man, if there are streetwalkers in the doorway there, and a bunch in front of Exedra, that sounds okay to me. Who needs those fucking clubs with their overpriced bullshit? Streetwalker + bottle of booze + short term hotel probably still less than a club. Right? Same Same.

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    Still closed

    I walked by Keep tonight and it is indeed closed. But no signs of legal/police order (no closure order glued across the door). A couple of street walkers at the door.

    Maybe this is related to the WTO meeting. Two blocks before Keep there was a noticeable police presence in front of the large hotels.

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    Keep is closed right now.

    My regular in Buenos Aires, an ex-Hook dancer, was talking to her friend who still works at Keep. She told me that Keep is closed right now. No information as to why it is closed or when it will re-open. Pull out your Rolodexes guys because the Keep chicas are looking for work and money.

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    Suipacha between Marcelo T and Paraguay (next to the former Hook).


    Stopped in tonight about 00:45 with a buddy to do some reconnaissance. Clearly newly renovated and in good condition inside; bar with stools to sit at on right side as you walk in and booths/tables with dancing poles filling up the left side of the building along the entire length of the wall. Probably about 130 square meters inside. Was charged 600 pesos for a Havana Club mixed drink and a bottle of water. About 10-15 girls present with average age probably in mid 20s; about half dominicans and the other half a mix of what appeared to be Argentines and/or Paraguayans. Some reasonably attractive inventory considering it's a monday night in January. Considering the dearth of places of this type left in CABA certainly worth stopping in if you're in the area and looking for some action.

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