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    Only two out of three (open).

    More than two years ago I posted a report on Hook (R.I.P.) in which I anticipated the irreversible demise of chicas bars (see my report on Hook of 09-25-16 ďTop threesome from HookĒ).

    Boy, was I right.

    The mongering night in Buenos Aires has crumbled to a handful (at best) of mediocre offerings. It has been a long slope downwards. But not since two years ago, not since ten years ago. This has been declining since the mid-nineties.

    I visited Dílirio the last Monday night (early Tuesday) of past January at 1:45 a.m. I had actually intended first to go to Cocodrilo, but it was closed (I did go to Coco a couple of days later, Iíll post about that XP separately). So I continued my trip to Dílirio. On the way there I drove in front of the only other chica bar opened: Newport. It was a hot and humid night, so the doors of Newport were closed Ďcause the air conditioners were on. I saw there were people inside but not much detail. There were a few clients and chicas sitting on the tables on the sidewalk. Just a glimpse as I passed by: ugly chicas, old chicas, chicas with boredom faces. Really, what kind of working chica sits in a marketplace with an unattractive face expression and body language? Do you want to get a client or go home? Difficult to understand.

    In the 300 meters from Newport to Dílirio about 5 street walkers.

    Finally, in Dílirio, two couples of client/chica were leaving the tables on the sidewalk and boarding a taxi. So there was some movement. I was asked AR$ 800 at the door, which gave me a drink (ďwith domestic ingredientsĒ) at the bar.

    Inside, about 15 chicas and the same number of clients. Quality was good to very good. As usual, Dílirio has the best offering in the city. I was looking for two. I targeted two brunettes that were sitting at the end of the room and set a pair of blonde/brunette that were closer as back up. While I was getting my drink the blonde approached me and offered a threesome with her friend. I thought of putting her on hold and going for the other pair, but in that moment the two brunettes stood up and walked to a couple of clients.

    So, interesting to note: the chicas were proactive in approaching the clients. This is not an attitude always observed in Dílirio. But maybe, it was just a slow summer Monday night.

    Apart from a few Argentine peso notes, I only had $100 bills, so that is what I offered each. They hesitated about 1 second and decided it was not worth the effort to discuss a higher amount.

    We walked the 150 meters to the short-time hotel around the cemetery. Service was fine, nothing to comment.

    What called my attention is that no chica drink was requested to take the chicas out. From Dílirio. So my total bar damage was the AR$ 800 ($20) at the door. Two years ago, Iíd have to buy a drink to each chica to take her out.

    This change, of course, is a reaction to the pressure of law enforcement (police/judges) that push the idea that nobody should profit from the sexual work of a chica (the sexual service itself is not outlawed). Another change to try to accommodate legal restrictions: chicas do not go back to the bar after service (at least, not to the same one).

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    How much can markets change in just 24 hs ...

    I left Cocodrilo on Dec. 28th, 2:30 a.m. And headed straight to D'lirio. Just 24 (well, 25) hs after my prior visit. I paid again AR$ 500 at the door, but this time took a second look at the ticket I was handed: it was an old "Pagana" ticket (Pagana was a previous name of the same place, many years ago). Funny how the owners cared to keep the printed ticket books, and were not embarrased to keep using them.

    Any way: the place was even more packed than Cocodrillo. About 17 clients on the desks on the sidewalk (also 3 chichas breathing outside). About 70 clients and also equal number of chicas inside. Very difficult to move around.

    Chicas were much better than at Cocodrilo (I could picture myself having sex with quite a few of them), but were sensibly a notch below what I had seen the night before. Where had the premium chicas gone? Where they at the Faena Hotel? Working the internet? Already taken? Who knows ...

    A packed house is bad for the chica business, because the rotation slows down so chichas get to interact with fewer potential clientes per unit of time, and the throughput of chica-client couples going out is very low. To make matters worse for chicas, there were several tables with groups of clients more interested in having a good time just drinking and chatting (but with chicas around) than going out for sex. So the transition from "potential" client to "actual" client was slow.

    The only thing really working was the air conditioning equipment, that managed to keep a reasonable temperature inside, while it was torrid on the street.

    I shopped around and discussed pricing with a few chicas. I was quoted absurd figures. The lowest I was able to get was AR$4.000 (compare with my report of the prior night below in this thread). One chica eve told me "I do not go out for less than US$ 300).

    I don't know if this pricing was due to the day of the week, the time of the year (between Xmass and New Year's Eve), or what. Obviously, I was not going to validate that kind of pricing, so I left.

    A very unproductive night indeed.
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    Great post!

    Quote Originally Posted by Local  [View Original Post]

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    A nice threesome out of D'lirio

    I got to D'lirio at 1:30 a.m. Today.

    The whole Recoleta area was relativerly calm. Streets mostly empty, but all places open and with people at the tables on the sidewalk (NP was open too, quite lively).

    I was charged AR$ 500 at the door, which was partially refunded with a drink.

    Inside: 20 chicas and 10 clients. As usual in this place, there was a wide representation of etnicities among the chicas (Argies, Paraguayans, Dominicans) and clients as well (locals, Chinese, turists). Also, relatively high age average among the chicas.

    Fairly quickly I engaged Yamila and Milagros. They were among the only group of 3 or 4 chicas actualy dancing.

    Yamila is of Paraguayan descent, but maybe raised or even born in Buenos Aires, as she has no accent. Died blond and with green-colored contact lenses. A little less than 160 cm. Thin, little, hanging tits. Teeth forward. Nice, rather quiet.

    Milagros is brunette, fair skin, two prominent front teeth, rather thik lips. Very large artificial boobs. Nice ass. Milagros is very energetic, could not stop moving, dancing. Obviusly affected by alcohol and maybe something else. A very high pitch voice, that could be anoying to many people. Wears fake glases (imitation of Rayban frame, with non-optical effect), just to look intellectual.

    They asked for AR$ 3.000 each. We settled on US$ 100 + AR$ 500 for each one (about AR$ 2.350 at yesterday's rate). I had to buy the girsl one drink to take them out (curiously, one drink for both, not one for each).

    We went to a ST hotel around the corner, in front of the cementery.

    A very nice threesome developed, with a solid lesbian action as introduction, and then an general participation of all three in different combinations.

    I propsed to pay half at the begining and half at the end, but Milagros flatly refused. She argued like a business person with expressions like "guarantied quality of service", "established market practices" and "you found us in D'lirio, you know I would not be working there if I did not had the reputation of providing a good service".

    When we were leaving, further conversation revealed that Milagros is relatively involved in politics (lefties organizations) and, in spite of saying she rejected psicoanalitic therapy, all her conversation is punctuated by psicoanalitic concepts. So typical of Buenos Aires, to find a working girl with ideas. This does not prevent her from frequenting the bar at the Faena Hotel every now and then to find clients (or so she claims).

    Yamila is more a real person, and sometimes could barely follow Milagros.

    In any case, back to the interesting and useful stuff: I left very satisfied. Was it worth the money? I can't really say. On one side, I have been away from the hobby for a year mostly, so lost track of market prices. On the other side, D'lirio is a club and probably the most expensive one in town these days.
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    I don't buy it TL. We were posting about many clubs for years and years and years before they closed. I doubt the closings had to do with this board.

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    A Lot of People Read These Posts

    Quote Originally Posted by UsualSuspect33  [View Original Post]
    Stopped by D'Elirio tonite at about 1am, and the metal gate was down and it was totally closed. There were two police officers standing outside keeping watch.

    I asked a waitress at the adjacent restaurant, and she said it's been closed for a few days now.
    A Lot of People Read These Posts and for many years I have noticed a certain Pattern .

    Every time that someone posts something about a Club or Privado or even a Pharmacy that is Open-Minded the places suddenly get closed down or raided or they just disappear .

    Food for thought!

    Just my opinion so maybe we should think about it a bit.



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    D'Elirio closed currently

    Stopped by D'Elirio tonite at about 1am, and the metal gate was down and it was totally closed. There were two police officers standing outside keeping watch.

    I asked a waitress at the adjacent restaurant, and she said it's been closed for a few days now.

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    Vicente Lopez between Uriburu and Azcuenega (former Pagana civilian boliche).

    Stopped in at the behest of others to see the last of an otherwise extinct species: the high end Recoleta chica boliche. Entrance 500 pesos which includes a "national" drink i.e. A rot gut liquor made in Argentina (upgrading to something palatable adds 140 pesos at the bar). Additional name brand call drinks 440 pesos. About 25-30 chicas on the premises average age 25-30 with a very high talent level that was probably better than what was found at Madahos or Black back in their heyday about a decade ago. Unfortunately, and a true sign of the times in Argentina asking prices absolutely astronomical; 5000 pesos (roughly $285 USD), rejected a $250 USD counter offer. Another girl asked for $400 USD and accepted $300 USD. No bar fine/ exit drink required to take the girl.

    If you have deep pockets and absolutely want the highest end talent available at night in the city of Buenos Aires right now this is the only game in town. The establishment had a decent crowd of affluent looking customers who seemed to be consuming plenty of high end liquor/ champagne and has attracted notable talent so in this heavily downsized market segment this appears to be working for them at the moment.

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