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    Parana 426 10 i

    I messaged Giselle Tribunales 15-6197-8096 on WhatsApp asking for a massage, she said come see me in my apartment 800 for half hour 1200 for hour. I arrived a little early someone was leaving held the door open for me. I see some people in the forum asking what to say when being buzzed in. The doorman asked where I am going I said 10th floor he said what apartment I said "eye" like English i he said "what?" I said "ee" like in Spanish and he sent me to an elevator. I rang the bell for the apartment someone said who is it, so I said "Giselle" they said something back I said 'Giselle" again and they buzzed me in the room. So those are the answers you need for getting past a door man! The floor and apartment number and the girl's name. I was looking for a milf with big tits and that I got. The picture is completely real, in hindsight, I can see how she holds the scarf to hide the sides of her big belly. She had other more flattering pics that interested me did not really look close at this one until I am here now writing this report. I expected she was hiding a belly of some sorts, however, her other proportions were ok, but the belly was completely out of proportion and a turn off for me. The apartment was dark I could smell bleach seemed they were keeping it all clean. I was a little early Giselle was not completely ready, There were several rooms, it seemed that there was probably one room where all the girls hide and two bedrooms they rotated through and there were two women kind of organizing (I hope) they were also kind of old and fat. In any case I did not see any decent looking girls. The rooms were well appointed at least and everyone was quite friendly, but business like. And of course while you are in the room you can hear people moving around in other parts of the apartment. I was not surprised to find out that "Giselle's apartment" was not actually her apartment she was in fact just one of the hired hands in the apartment. This was also a turn off as I expected when she said it was her apartment that it would be just her and me and more relaxed. I had also expected a massage and happy ending but she jumped right in to a blowjob/condom application. Although friendly enough, she was obviously on the clock, no kissing, cbj, and combined with her pot belly I just wasn't feeling it, although in doggy she had a tiny little ass and her gut wasn't visible and her big tits filled my hands very pleasantly. However I would not repeat.
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