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    Anais in Congresso (Peron 1963) from

    I went on Tacosaltos and did search by barrio. My neighborhood had one who does not work Sundays. I looked in Congresso, there were a dozen women, of which I contacted two who work Sunday and use Whatsapp. Both looked black so I figured not Argentine. Anais (15-5338-6077) answered bout 2pm and we met at 4pm after talking for about an hour on WhatsApp and about an hour walk at a leisurely pace for me. She never told me the price, despite me asking several times, and explaining I don't speak Spanish well, so I brought 930 pesos I happened to have in my pocket. I figured last night it was 800 so this one should not be more.

    The buzzer system in the apartment she lives does not work so just had to wait and tag along with someone else going inside with keys. Although we were supposed to meet at 4pm she sent me a voice mail explaining the buzzer issue and saying she would be a little late and I should wait for her but I did not understand all that until she walked out the elevator and I was standing by her door where I had been waiting for 15 minutes. She asked where I am from then I asked her where she is from she said the DR. She looked just as in picture, at least, the picture is real, the lingerie covers the baby damage, however, she was very nicely proportioned huge knockers that felt real and she was very passionate and kissed etc did all that as her advertisement said. The sex was quite nice I asked her to calm down a little as she was thrashing around and she did and then it was even nicer but every time I was about to nut she had these vaginal contractions and pushed me out. So I laid down and let her give me a handjob. We were approaching the time limit and she said I could extend another 30 minutes for full hour for what I thought was 100 pesos. As I was about to cum I directed myself her way so I could hit her face and huge tits. She is a pretty quick and jumped up and only got half on her and the rest sprayed all over her pillow and bedsheets lol. Then she grabbed those and ran to wash them right away as I guess there is only the one tiny bed. Maybe would have been better to take it all in the face and chest and shower!

    So we showered and talked a little then another guy called her and this time I finally heard her rate it was like 1000 for the half hour! And 800 for the full hour! Fuck!

    After she got off the phone I explained I only brought 900 as I saw someone the night before for 800, and she never told me her price, and I extended another hour thinking it was another 100 and I happened to have 900. Well she wanted to see there was no more I turned out my pockets she took the 30 and said now what I said well sorry but that is all I have. She just let it slide and kissed me good bye and took me downstairs to let me out.

    So if anyone is in Congresso I can recommend this lovely lass.
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