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    Looks like CFK bought some trucho expired batteries for the submarine from one of her butt buddies. Sad.

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    Lack of maintenance, The two subs that Argie land has went in to the shop a few years ago. The first sub had all required repairs made. The second one (the one that is now missing) never replaced almost half of their batteries. Most likely the famous Argie expression "NO PASA NADA" came into play.

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    I don't think anyone returns alive. An explosion like sound was detected about the time of its last contact. There is no reason to assume there would be debris or that the debris would be discovered, or that it would be automatically detected on sonar. But seems like they had a failure of some type, or they would have come home already, and they don't have enough air to live any longer. Even very small explosions (for example with hydrogen gas from battery recharging etc) that do not compromise the hull can doom a submarine.

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    Argentine Submarine ARA San Juan

    I wonder how long it will be until they find this submarine?

    I am guessing it is sitting on the bottom of the ocean somewhere with mechanical failure and the crew is dead from lack of oxygen. If there was an explosion, debris would have been found by now. If it was on the surface or in the water column, sonar from ships and radar from the P-3's and P-8's would have found it.

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