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    Over the river and through the woods to Grandma's house we go

    I met a woman on Tinder, we have been talking back and forth for a while she keeps saying she will come here to meet then cancels. Won't give me a number or address. Finally this past Saturday, she said she is in Lobos, she will arrange my travel out there in a "combi" (van) she is available from 1pm-6pm we can fuck as much as I want in those hours. I found the combi site and times and it seemed an 11am departure was necessary however she hemmed and hawed missed that combi and by Saturday night still hemming and hawing then she said it is too late today but we can do it tomorrow, and by the way, I just got out of the bath, lets exchange photos. Of course I thought this should be some type of erotic photo as we had already exchanged G-rated photos. So I make a short video stroking my cock and I go to send it, and she has sent this cropped in photo of her face and is insisting to see my photo. I say oh sorry I took an x-rated photo let me get you one that is g-rated. She says what are you doing, I was not playing, I just wanted to see a photo taken right now to make sure you're real. Then she says, but since you have it, I would like to see your x-rated photo. I said I want to see a little more also in that case. So she sent me some titty pics. And the hemming and hawing continued until about 7:30 pm Sunday night. But it seemed the video of me pulling my cock was what she needed to push her over the edge. About 7:30 pm Sunday she said she wanted me to come over and I could catch the 8 pm combi from Congresso to Lobos, which she would arrange, and the 10pm one, that being the last return combi, back to Bs As. We did not finalize until about 7:45, she said she made a reservation and would pick me up in a grey minivan at the combi stop in Lobos. I ran 10 blocks from my apartment in Recoleta to the combi stop in Congresso arriving at 8pm on the dot. It is not marked well but some guys in a parking garage confirmed that was the spot. Apparently the combi actually left at 8:30, not 8. So I was first one there and as numerous other passengers arrived all equally lost as me arrived they asked me if it was the combi stop, and, acting as if I go to Lobos all the time, I confidently replied, "Yeah this is it." When the van arrived, slightly before 8:30pm, I just said I am (a fake first name) my friend made the reservation and paid already. Driver had a clip board and confirmed i indeed had my way paid already. The ride to Lobos was about 100 minutes, meaning i arrived about 10 minutes after the last return bus to Bs As already left. But she was indeed there waiting in a grey minivan, she hopped out we kissed passionately for a second then hopped back in and off we sped to grandma's house. You see I guess she is married and while hubby was attending a Christmas pageant at the school of his child from a previous relationship, she was going to get her own Christmas celebration, fucking a random gringo from Tinder. I was feeling her up while she was explaining all this. We stopped at a convenience store go get some beer, as her in-law apartment had nothing to eat or drink. She said she often stays here when she is having a fight with hubby. This was all very exciting even though she was not much to look at it was turning in to quite the adventure. Grandma's house is a fenced compound with two houses, there is a narrow pathway between them, with a yard at back. So kind of like a detached in-law apartment. She said to not make too much noise or turn on too many lights, if grandma woke up she might think there is an intruder and call the cops. The Christmas pageant was going to go on until 1am, so we had several hours to fuck. We fucked twice, no condom needed, filled her up with some nice creampies. Then I was getting hungry so we went out. Of course in Lobos everywhere is closed after midnight, the one place that was open she recognized some relatives there, so I waited in the car while she got some empanados. I told her I want carne, oven cooked, not fried. She said how many i said three she said what the hell I am getting you four. I guess she was pleased with how the night was progressing. Finally we got our order drove back to grandma's house. We were about to fuck again but she got a call from hubby had to run off. I went to take a shower, the shower stall was full of this and that, but there was a sink, and there were towels if not clean at least they were very dry, there did not seem to be hot water, but I managed a Mexican shower, as I was a bit sticky after running 10 blocks and then fucking for an hour or two. After i finished my Mexican shower, I started eating the empanados (really nice flaky pastry) and checking my Whatsapp (grandma's house has open wifi no password protection) but the pipes started to groan and crack, I guess there was in fact hot water just took a while, and now the pipes were making quite a racket. I then heard someone outside. So I shut off all the lights. Someone came in the house. I shut the bedroom door. It opened. It was her we both kind of jumped she said what are you doing why are the lights all out i said you told me to turn them out I heard someone outside thought it was grandma, she saiid no it was just me. Unfortunately she did not have time to fuck again as she had to go home, she said she would be back at 6am to take me to the combi. She indeed showed up at 6am the next morning took me to the combi stop, paid my way back to Bs As. They wanted my document number for insurance i said I don't have my passport on me she said I will just say you forgot and then I was on the combi back to Bs As Monday morning right before the big strike. The combi was headed for the combi terminal under the obelisk. We arrived right on time despite the impending strike. And guess where the exit of the combi terminal is? You guessed it, a few blocks from Cafe Exedra. Ah, the circle of life.
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