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    Danica Patrick race queen Argentina version

    If you stay any amount of time in Buenos Aires, the cost of p4p pussy can add up, so I have been taking advantage of free or low cost options (i.e. Cover taxi fare or beer and pizza to fuck old and/or fat but always crazy chicas). But I have economized for a while now, so I decided to splurge last night on "Danica" the Argentine version of Danica Patrick. She is a race queen, one of those models who poses with cars at races. Unfortunately I cannot share publicly pics of her dressed as a race queen (and nudes). But if you like the real Danica Patrick (who was a well known model before becoming a race car driver) my Danica last night does not disappoint. Of course she does not look exactly like Danica Patrick, although to me they are both more like athletes with girl next door looks than runway models. My Danica's eyes were brown, and she is much taller than the real Danica. But both have long dark hair and an athletic build, and it isn't immediately obvious she has huge tits when you first see her, because she is tall, but they are a lot more than a handful when you are squeezing them in bed. They seemed real, if they are fake, it fooled me. Her ass feels and looks spectacular naked and pressed against you in doggy. She is not cheap at $300 USD, but I have always had a thing for Danica Patrick and race queens in general. I in fact have a race queen themed lingerie outfit I brought along with me. Although I am afraid some of my fat chick friends stretched it out. When I contacted Danica to arrange the date, I asked her if she would wear the race queen lingerie. She asked if it was new I said not really. She said she did not want to wear something used, but she could bring something of her own, although it would be another $50. Seems about in line with what lingerie costs here, and I really wanted to cross the race queen fantasy off my bucket list, so I said great and we arranged to meet at 10pm at a cafe next to my apartment in Recoleta. She showed up about 15 minutes late, but that is ok. I saw she was carrying a shopping bag which I assumed contained the race queen outfit. We chatted a little in the cafe, but my flag was up, and it was time to head to the races. We headed up to my apartment, i felt her up and kissed her in the elevator. When we got inside, I started to unbutton her jeans, but she stopped me and asked if i wanted her to put on the lingerie. I said yes and she said ok turn around. I turned around and could hear her undressing from her street clothes and putting on the lingerie. She said ok and I turned around. She said sorry could not find a race queen outfit, but I hope you like this? She was wearing a sexy maid outfit. She pushed me back on the bed. What could I say? I felt momentary disappointment I would not get to fuck Danica in a race queen costume, but it soon passed, because I also have a latina maid fetish. So it was all good. Unfortunately cannot post pics as she asked not to, and if I did, some idiot would tell her that he saw her pics posted here, although i can share pics privately.
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