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    Anybody Coming Down Soon ?

    Howdy Boys,

    Anybody Coming Down Soon ?

    I always have friends and clients bring down little Care packages for me . Usually in exchange for my fees as an Adult Activities Consultant but most of the Boys just do it out of pure kindness.

    It's very simple and it doesn't cost a thing. I buy things that I need on E-Bay or Amazon , et cetera and the usually small and very lightweight items are shipped directly to the Traveler's home or office at no cost to the "Mule.".

    I'm talking about things like audio cables or jewelry or vacuum tubes . Whatever . ABSOLUTELY nothing that is questionable at the airports or customs. Everyone knows that I have been doing this for years and I really appreciate the help and kindness that has been demonstrated throughout the years by all of my good friends and repeat clients on this board.

    Which brings me to the following question:

    Anybody Coming Down Soon ? I have already purchased a few small items that are birthday gifts for a few Chicas and I need to have them brought down asap.

    A few Rings a Crucifix and a chain . Maybe a cellphone battery and a couple of tiny audio cables. ZERO weight but Carry-On bag items due to this countries wonderful airport staff.

    What do you get?

    Direct Contacts of very reliable , recommendable and honest "Friends" of ours. Whatsapp and e-mails and pictures so you can start setting up your Batting order well before you arrive for FREE !

    Free Flirting ! I'd buy that for a dollar !

    Absolutely never hurts to start your vacation before you leave your house. I have 100's of fully satisfied friends and clients that have really helped me with my little care packages.

    That's about it for now.

    The Natives are restless today so I better be on call.

    Thank You Kindly in advance !



    My Whatsapp is out of action for a little while but send me a PM and I will send you my personal e-mail which is very Obvious and easy .

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    Professional "Mule" Service to bring down care packages

    Legit but the things I want make it costly.

    I need to look into it some more.

    Maybe ?


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