This a chain of pubs serving craft beer. Every location has twenty different craft beers on tap. Most of the beer is from microbreweries in Argentina, but a few are foreign. A pint is 110 pesos and a half pint is 60 pesos. They also serve bar food like hamburgers, quesadillas, fries, onion rings, etc. I visited the Retiro location and the Recoleta location. They tend to hire good-looking women, and there was always a young crowd with eye-pleasing twenty-somethings. I go more for the flirting and a snack than the craft beer, which honestly in most cases tastes like battery acid.

RETIRO: Marcelo T de Alvear 834.

RECOLETA: Azcuenaga 1781.

PALERMO: Costa Rica 5527.

COLEGIALES: Freire 1101.

BELGRANO: Cuba 2491.

SAN TELMO: Av.Caseros 482.

BOEDO: Muiz 1002.

VICENTE LOPEZ: Av.Libertador 570.