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    Nine Toe Mo stories

    Reading about the dear departed Jackpot is reminding me of Nine Toe Mo, who posted as 'Mat' on the forum. Some of you may remember him from his remis service. I think copper wire was invented when Nine Toe Mo and Jackpot saw the same penny in the street at the same time.

    So Nine Toe Mo talks Erika the Méxican, a truly good fuck, back to his plush, opulent 20 square meter apartment in Avenida de Mayo, where he had his bed in his closet with his shirts hanging down in his face. He offered her some old brick of a cell phone in exchange for sex with her.

    Nine Toe Mo used to complain in restaurants like Jackpot complained in cabs. He hated to pay for water (by the way, any restaurant that charges a cubierto has to give you 250 cc of water by law, not that laws mean much in BsAs) and always wanted a lot of butter. He especially wbeanted a lot of butter so he could stuff it in his pockets, and also took any leftover bread and put it in his pockets. He kept plastic bags in his pockets so that crumbs were not a problem.

    He did pick up this really beautiful young woman from Maipú 359, I believe Laura was her name, and offered that she stay in his apartment during the week since she lived way the fuck out in the provincias. She took him up on this offer and that got her the privilege of sleeping in his recliner while he slept in the closet with the shirts. So then he went on his annual trip to Cambodia to fuck $8 hookers and he told her she could stay there if she paid the bills.

    At this point I began inviting her over to the mansion and fucking her. This may have made his apartment seem to pale by comparison. Anyway, he had left her the precise amount of money he felt she would need to pay the bills and when he got back, all the relevant receipts and the 4 or 5 pesos left over were there, but she was not. So he thought she was with me at the mansion. No. She had gone back to the mother country to the north of Argentina.

    He took a bus all the way to the mother country to look for her, even though he had no idea where she lived or even what her last name was. Somehow that did not work out.

    Then he met some other hooker from Paraguay and married her. Took her all the way back to Pakistan to marry her. They set up housekeeping in the 20 square meter squat on Avenida de Mayo and might have lived happily ever after, except he told her he was still going to do his yearly trips to Cambodia to fuck other hookers. He disappeared on one of those trips and his fate remains officially unknown.

    May both these extremely frugal gentlemen rest in eternal peace. They both made me look like a lavish spender in comparison, and that is not easy to do.

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