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    Bourdain in Phnom Penh, Cambodia

    Anthony at Happy Herb Pizza.

    If it gets legal in Argentina, maybe a good place to open.

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    A classic icon who shared America and the World

    I write this after spending the past few weeks watching many parts unknown episodes as I have done over the years. I am haunted and emotionally moved by his loss. His impact and style in taking us all on a journey of truly parts unknown. Places that we would wish we would travel to to or experience for ourselves but yet we had the privilege of seeing it masterfully unfolding from from the comforts of our homes. I truly never saw an episode that I did not enjoy or learn from.

    My background is somewhat intertwined with Mr. Bordain in knowing of his places, habits, and adventures. I know of the Providence area being an east coaster and saw his early episode where he speaks of the beaches and the adventures of being young at a free time to experiment and just do things that felt good.

    As he later speaks of his time of being a short order cook, although I do not have that experience, growing up in NY, I can see how how the fast past line cook combined with the late night fervor of NY speaks volumes of what he must have experienced. He later went back and helped many business grow and rise to new levels becasue he just wanted to.

    Weather he was on a trip to Buenos Aires, Greece, Asia, and even the Congo he displayed a comfortable, relaxed, respectful attitude, at least on screen, to the people and cultures that he shared with us.

    Knowing of his past drug problems the scars left internally from his drug of choice was forever embedded in his mindset and as we say there lie the demons.

    I saw him in the past few years when he did a live show at a theater. Of course the microphone went out to start yet he still went on speaking and telling stories by just speaking up. The Q and A afterwords was a bit embarrassing as women were inviting him for the best bloody mary, yet I was so much more interested in what it felt like to be away from home, where was his favorite places and what inspired him to keep going for so long. I saw Chaz Palminteri from Bronx tale at the same theater and after the show I took my son to get his autograph and poster. Same effect of a no nonsense guy from NY who stared in my son's eyes and said "listen to your father" go to school, stop doing what you are doing, be something.

    As a TV personality I rank him at the highest level, forget Oprah, Ellen Degeneres, or nitwits like Jimmy Kimmel. Bourdain was real, direct, poetic, a true storyteller, Things bothered him and he spoke up about it...mimes! He had a profusely deep impact on so many people, I hope he does not get trivialized .

    I am saddened and confused by his senseless loss but at least we had him while we did. Just selfishly for not enough.

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    Quote Originally Posted by WorldTravel69  [View Original Post]
    He visited a doctor there. So, sad. Watch the video, filmed in Buenos Aires.
    Tony found the intentional/natural cure for his pain, others
    use unnatural legal/illegal pharmaceuticals. SAD... But oh so true.

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    Anthony Bourdain

    He visited a doctor there. So, sad. Watch the video, filmed in Buenos Aires.

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