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    The Princess Sophia and her Ladies in Waiting ! My New GF !

    The Princess Sophia and her Ladies in Waiting ! My New GF !

    Along with her Fully Balanced Sennheiser HD800 S and her best friend The Matrix X Sabre Pro DAC . The latest Kid on the block !

    My Princess Sophia is in Silver instead of Black and the HD800s that are in the picture are the previous and inferior model from the great German company started in 1946 ! Shit ! I'd be happy just finding a candybar and a cigarette butt in 1946 Germany !

    Also I am using some N.O.S Legendary vacuum tubes from 1942 from the U.S Navy and the Air Force and the Army but they are NEW ! New Old Stock . Never used ! That stuff is fascinating to me at least !

    Only Princess is the only one in the country I think and even the Official Sennheiser Store in Palermo doesn't have the latest HD800 S version !

    Anyway , I just wanted to say that it's a hell of a lot better than Drinking or WORSE ! Right ?

    I am stranded in Audiophile Hell !

    BA , Argentina !

    Always hoping to meet other Audiophiles !

    Later Gators !

    Or Gatos ?


    The Matrix is definitely the only one or at least the first one. Unbelievable build quality ! Milled from a solid block of aluminum with a C.A.D machine.
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