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    No, you do not

    Quote Originally Posted by Sabrinnafox  [View Original Post]
    Regarding my previous review, of course I have the right to defend myself.
    The forum isn't a he said/ she said place. The purpose of all of our forums is to provide men with a place where they can talk about women for sex. I apologize that none of us have been taking an active role on the Argentina site, I think we just fell out of the habit with Covid. Going forward that will change.

    As far as the action I have taken I have restored the negative reviews by Old Coach and I have removed Sabrinnafox as the admin of this thread which means you can no longer delete content. I have also changed your user group so that your posts will be moderated by us going forward. This isn't personal, it's how the USA Sex Guide and the International Sex Guide work.

    This is my answer to you posting 100 times about how unfair it is.

    Life is unfair, there are sex worker forums the world over that are for professional sex workers where you can share information on potential clients. Without exception these sites are for members only and the members need to prove they are sex workers before they are approved to join. Clients of sex workers not only cannot respond to the posts that are made about them they can't even see them to know what is being said. In this case specifically for whatever reason your reviews are mostly favorable, guys can see that, so they can decide what weight to give the reviews that are negative.

    Since this isn't my rodeo I will warn any Senior Member she tries to talk into making a new thread for her so that you can edit the posts. I will ban you if you do that.

    Have a nice day.


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    Deleted by Admin.

    I deleted this post because it wasn't a review of her services, this was you white knighting and criticizing the experiences of others based on your experience, you're forgetting one of the Cardinal Rules of mongering. YMMV

    I will share from my own personal experience why we don't allow this.

    Years ago there used to be this chick that advertised on Baires who looked just like Aletta Ocean, I mean a dead fucking ringer for Aletta Ocean except with Tattoos. She had one shit review after another on the local forum but every time I saw one I wanted to fuck her so bad I couldn't stand it so I finally did. I figured it would be a shit experience but I could put it in the memory banks for the days when I was in the old mongers retirement home trying to rub just one more out.

    I go to the apartment and she greets me as lackluster as all of her reviews say and I wasn't expecting much. I went through what I always do with new girls, I asked her if she knew abut Aleta Ocean because she looked like her and she laughed and said yes. I told her this was like a fantasy for me because I was a big fan. I asked some questions to get an idea of limits (CIM, COF, COB) shit like that. After the third or fourth thing she looked at me funny and asked me why I was asking these questions. I told her, that is your body, this is mine. I decide how people touch me and you decide how people touch you. I need to know your limits so that I don't do anything you don't want me to do, knowing those makes this more comfortable for both of us. She started crying a little and hugged me and then gave me the very best BBBJ I have ever had and looked me right in the eye when she took the money shot. She went and cleaned up, touched up her makeup and came back and we did round two which was both doors. Literally some of the most amazing sex of my life.

    For the next year or two I saw her at least twice a week (she worked on Marcelo T just around the corner from the old AP House on Uruguay) and I asked her once why she has such good sex with me and she has such shit reviews all the time. She told me because I treated her like a person and that made her love me (she said love but I think she meant like) and that I always tried to do my best to make our time good for both of us. Then one day the ad was gone and so was she.

    The point is, your experience was different than his. That doesn't mean you're lying nor him. It means it was different. You post your reviews, he posts his, other guys read them both then they make up their minds about how they see. You don't criticize his report because his experience was different than yours. On this forum we review sex workers not mongers. FYI, in my opinion her ass is enormous. She's obviously not fat, she just has a big bubble butt, some guys like that, I do not. It doesn't make my opinion wrong it's just my opinion. Other guys would look at her ass and think it's perfect.

    Have a nice day,


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  5. 10-12-23 16:14

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    We have a date?

    If you want to have a real girlfriend-style date and get a good experience from Buenos Aires, contact me!

    I will be available to have a great time.

    Only serious men, I am an interesting woman

    My contact
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    Just like old times

    I first met with Sabrinna many years ago, and after a long hiatus from BA, I was back and set up a meeting with her. Her pics are a bit dated and she had aged some (just like I had), but she is still a vibrant sexy lady. She loves what she does and she does not disappoint in any position (including anal). I am happy to report that despite the many changes that have occured in BA the past few years, Sabrinna's sexuality hasn't nor her insatiable appetite for sex !!

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    Deleted by Admin

    This is why we don't allow the subjects of the reviews to respond. Their white knights join the fight and that discourages others who might have less than flattering things to say from posting because it's not worth the trouble to them.

    This forum is about exchanging information between men, both good and bad, then the men can read it all and make up their own minds.


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  10. 08-11-23 18:58

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    Better photos

    When you delete comments you raise more questions and doubts. By the way, I have been with you and had a fairly good time.

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    I'm back

    After a week of vacation, I am once again available to have a real GFG date with you.

    I will leave a current image finishing my exercises😈.

    Write to me

    We are going to have an incredible time🥂.

    Sabrinna 💕.
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    Liar and a thief

    Believe me guys ,to avoid disappointment stay away from this woman.To her credit the blow job was terrific.The way she promotes herself is totally misleading,she looks nothing like the images she posts, midway through the session she informed me that she has no condoms and then suggested that I go out and buy some .(no way was I going to leave her alone in my apartment).She is trying to distract from the fact that she is both a thief and liar.Clearly, she thought that I would not miss a small tube of very expensive eye cream that went missing from the bathroom.

    I have never in my life posted anything as harsh as this , but the blatant theft of my possession and the audacity to think that she is entitled to help herself to something that does not belong to her angered me so much that I could not control myself.

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    Old Coach

    Regarding my previous review, of course I have the right to defend myself.

    Deleted by Admin

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    Experience with Sabrina

    Recently returned after 5 wonderful weeks in Buenos Aires.Booked Sabrina for the bridal treatment i.e 2 hours for $200.

    Firstly the positives :

    Communication was good and she arrived on time.

    She is up for almost anything.

    Very good oral and she swallows.

    Negatives :

    She speaks almost no English at all .(Told me that she is from Uruguay).

    She looks nothing like the fotos , either these are very old or of someone else.She is slightly overweight and clearly has had one or more children.

    The session only lasted one hour and much of this time she spent in the bathroom.

    She did not have condoms .Said the hombre should always carry these and suggested that I could go out and get some.(No way that I was leaving here alone in my apartment).

    After the session I noticed that she was eyeing some snacks on the kitchen table ,so I offer her a small bag of dried fruit and nuts which she quickly accepted.

    I would not normally post such negative comments on the forum , but something happened that angered me very much.

    As mentioned , she did spend a lot of time in the bathroom , and after she left I noticed that an expensive eye cream was missing.

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    I am currently in BA, available to have an unforgettable date with you, with GFG experience.

    Write to

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    Sending Chills Down Your Body 😈


    If you just arrived in Bs As talk to me! We are going to have a boyfriend style date with a lot of passion🔥

    Write to me at, I'll wait for you here🥂.


    Sabrinna 🔥🍒.
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    Sweet As A Peach 🍑


    If you have plans to come to Bs As you should write to me, let's have an incredible and unique moment together.

    Write me 🍒.



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    Iím One Temptation You Canít Resist 😈

    I am in Bs As and I really want to have fun, if you are here you should contact me and we will have an appointment that you will not forget, rich as a good wine.

    Read my reviews here👇.

    I'll wait for you


    Sabrinna 💋.
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    Fantastic time with Sabrinna

    Where do I start?! The top line is that my experience with Sabrinna was likely my all-time top experience with a chica.

    Sabrinna was easy to get in contact with, I sent her a message to the email she posted in this thread, and she got back to me the next day, sharing her WhatsApp details. She shared a variety of pictures (most found in this thread, a few new ones). Sabrinna was easy to chat with and was happy to converse about more than just business. It didn't feel like talking to a provider at all, more like chatting with someone you recently met at a bar. My schedule in BA was pretty cluttered; even so, Sabrinna was highly accommodating when working with me to find a somewhat non-standard time to connect. She offers a one-hour session with "conventional service" or a three-hour session with "full service". I opted for the three-hour session as I was specifically looking for a chica that provides anal.

    So she arrived, right on time and was able to navigate the lobby of my hotel and didn't need me to come down and get her. Her pictures are accurate, though they don't do her justice. She is truly gorgeous. She's also shorter than I had gathered from her photos, which wasn't an issue for me; if you like a petite woman, Sabrinna will be your type. Her English is fine; functional but not conversational. There were points at the end of the session where she wanted to say more complicated things, and Google Translate got the job done. She used the bathroom to change from her street clothes into lingerie, and we were off to the races. She has great energy, and we dove into deep kissing and petting to get things started; it felt like a true girlfriend experience. Eventually, our clothes came off, and she gave an excellent BBJ. Normally, I'm not a huge fan of receiving head, but Sabrinna was talented, so I went with it. I did a lot of touching, and Sabrinna was extremely receptive. Throughout the session, there was no rushing at all; she was 100% in the moment the whole time. We moved on to the main event and proceeded to work our way through a bunch of positions. The absolute hottest thing was, completely unprompted, after going for some time, she paused and removed me from her pussy and slid me into her ass. Amazing. I enjoy anal a lot, and I find many providers who offer it do so grudgingly. Sabrinna loves it.

    After I finished, we each cleaned up in the bathroom and cuddled for a bit. I eventually got ramped up for another go, and we went right back at it. New positions, similar outcome (unprompted shift from vag to anal, still incredibly hot the second time).

    As noted at the top, this was one of, if not my best, experiences with a working girl. Sabrinna is great to chat with, incredibly sexy, and a fox in the bedroom. 10/10, I will definitely be seeing her again.

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