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    I am going to give an update on what I have observed in BA for the past several months. First I am using the exchange rate of $1=300 pesos. There is a lot of action in BA, it has just changed to the internet. The two best sites I have found are and There are a lot of others. I strongly encourage anyone coming down here to get WhatsApp (if you have goggle translate on your phone it makes life much easier). These sites have basically replaced the old days of going to an apartment and being presented with four girls. Now you make an appointment (most girls have there own apartments, sometimes they share with four other girls). Prices range from 8000-12000 p per hour (US$26-40). Yes some bait and switch still goes on buyer beware. As for clubs, Crocodilo is still open, I have never been. Newport has reopened, under new name, same place about 8 girls sitting outside. Quality ok, a couple were very attractive. Delirium is also open. Cover charge was 10,000p if you wanted to stand, table was 30,000p ($33-100). Quality of girls was impressive inside and lots of them. Both Newport and delirium girls started out with $200 for an hour. They came down to $100 fairly quickly. Depending on your negotiating skills, time of night and desperation of girl, you could get cheaper. Of course there is always Gissel, she has a number of girls in her contacts. All in all BA is cheap for food and drinks if you have dollars. The scene is very active during the day, use the internet. The club scene has shrunk. Would suggest Giselle if you want a woman to visit your hotel room at night and you don't want to go out or take a chance using the internet.

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