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    Country is open. I'm here enjoy the great dollar exchange rate. Girls are pretty & plentiful. Just don't go look for them in bar. Look online, contact them by whatsapp, then go visit them, or ask them to come to your hotel. Admin probably won't allow me to port their numbers, but you can find plenty on the web.

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    I JUST RECEIVED SOME EXCELLENT NEWS! THE ''World'' is set to RE-OPEN on NOV. 1st.!

    I realize that someone beat me to the Punch but a ''Friend of OURS'' is scheduled to arrive on or around the first of November and that means that :

    ''Happy Days are Here Again!

    The Hookers will be out Again and $179.00 to $1.00 unit of Monopoly Money will be a non-stop Fuck fest!

    All you can eat Boys! It's time to line up your batting order and ensure that your vacation will be quite memorable! If not completely unforgettable!

    I'm extremely excited and looking forward to seeing my old friends , clients and future aquaintances!

    Today is a great day!

    Stay tuned!

    Be Healthy!


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    Opening? There's a date!

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    Not Yet.

    They will tell us when in this newsletter:

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    Visiting Argentina

    The latest Opening is:

    The Argentinian border remains closed for other foreigners until August 6, 2021.

    Quote Originally Posted by WorldTravel69  [View Original Post]
    The country is still not open completely.

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    2021 Travel Reports

    The country is still not open completely.

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