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    Smile Gysell's Apartment

    Cast a charm of joy.

    On your life!

    ¡ Merry Christmas!

    Suipacha 834 7C

    * Kary *
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    Cecy - 43730845

    Sessioned with this chica last week. A decent massage with emphasis in the upper body area. Not the best massage table and room but decent enough to get the deed done. This girl is slim with nice face. A bit of acne problem but barely noticeable as the lights dim.

    Price of Arg. Pesos 80 includes the happy ending. I asked about her taking her clothes off and she said on the next visit. It seems that she needs to get to know you better before if you want the ending to be more sensual.

    Publishes as Cesy, as follows:

    Contact details: Apartment in Rodriguez Peña close to Corrientes.

    Unfortunately they did not have a calling card so I forgot the exact address. I wish I had the diligence of World Traveller 69 in jotting down details.

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    It depends on what you want

    If you are looking for a place where you're mostly interested in having sex with a lovely young thing, then as Gyselle herself has pointed out, it may not be the best place. If first and foremost you want a massage and rolling around afterwards isn't given primacy, then it's not a bad choice--especially if you really need the ability to communicate in English.

    Of course in the places I prefer, not a soul speaks a word of English, but you'd be surprised how little it matters. My first time in the city I didn't know but maybe a handful of Spanish phrases and I didn't have any worse a time than I do now. Of course I FELT a little silly and awkward, but that passes. Just pretend you are playing dirty charades. It's kind of fun.

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    Gysell's Place

    Gysell's Place.

    Suipacha 834 7C.

    From Mondays to Sundays since 10am to 10pm.



    Mssage and happy ending $100-

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Main Man
    What is the biggest / best place to go, where a little english is nice as we speak no spanish.

    Thanks all.
    Gysells is the place. Some of the girls speak better english than the others, but her place, service can't be beat. I went 4 times this week, once with Lola and the rest with Gysell.

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    Recommended for Therapeutic

    I can recommend two chicas that gave excellent massages. Neither option is particularly cheap. Both came to the apartment and I paid for 90 minutes.

    Lillian at 4812-5917 is a strong girl and knows technique. Good enough that I had her over to the apartment three times. Good enough that I would probably visit her in the States if available. She is somewhat shy. Said she was leaving the business in three or four months as she is training for a different job. She works out of a place near Tucaman and Santa Fe.

    Paula at 15-6-667-6108 also gives a good massage. I found her to be very pretty. Beautiful eyes. The breasts are enhanced. Very nice girl.

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    Go to Gyselle's Apartment

    If you are looking for something to do on this website, I assume it may not have to do with where all the art museums are located. If you are in town you will not get anywhere without some Spanish or if you do you will pay much more than you have to. Send Gyselle a private message (she speaks English) and she will take complete care of you all. Not by herself (she has friends) You will find posts about her under "Private Apartments."

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Main Man
    What is the biggest / best place to go, where a little english is nice as we speak no spanish. Thanks all
    For what, would be a start. Generally, the locals do not speak alot of english. Be more specific about what you want to do. Suerte (luck)

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    Massage Parlor recommendations

    What is the biggest / best place to go, where a little english is nice as we speak no spanish.

    Thanks all.

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