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    Try this place.

    Jackson showed it to me once, its Fucking gorgeous.


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    BAires apartments and Bairesrent. Com

    Does anyone have any info / feedback on these two outfits?

    BAires apartments and Bairesrent. Com.

    Any info or references / feedback would be appreciated.


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    Redondo I disagree about Byt - Byt bites!

    Please look at my post and the discussion about Byt last year December 2006. There have been other questionable opinions about Byt. I would not use them.


    ***I have had good luck with BA4U. Ask for Tomas. This time I may not be able to use them because they do not have accomodations where I wish to be. I have not ruled them out though yet.***

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    I think Byt is ok, I have rented with them like 5 times and they are doing a good job.

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    Looking for a apartment

    Looking for a 3 bedroom apt. The dates I will be in B. A. are as follows Jan. 23rd to 30th. Thank you.


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    Guido and Presidente Ortiz (Second floor)

    I booked this apart from bytargentina (as Roxana's was not available) Since I saw mixed reviews on byt, not sure what to expect. Has anyone stayed in this apart?



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    I just sent you PM's, by the way, you should never hesitate to include more details in your inquires, and it's easier for both (for you and for the providers) to reduce the emails exchanges.

    Just a comment, Thanks and happy holidays.

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    Looking for Apartment to Rent

    I am interested in renting an apartment for 6 days in Mid March.

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    Looking for an apartment in BA April 15-May 4


    I'm going to be in Buenos Aires from April 15 through May 4, and I would be interested in renting an apartment for that period of time. If yours is available, please PM me with details.

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    11/15 to 11/25

    Two gentlemen from U. S. Preferring two bdrm place. Clean, good location and well priced. Please pm us on availability. Thank you.

    Cheers, Bankergeek.

    Washington DC Metro

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    Looking for Apartment to Rent

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